As 2020 Ends, So Does FarmVille

As 2020 Ends, So Does FarmVille
We hardly knew ye? (Illustration: Zynga)
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While it looks like most of the problems of the past year will follow us into the next, there is one comforting thought. Whatever 2021 brings, FarmVille is not coming with. The original super-annoying Facebook social game is closing its doors for good on December 31, 2020.

Launched in 2009, FarmVille was the first big social gaming sensation, filling Facebook feeds around the globe with requests for seeds and water and other virtual bullshit needed to make players’ pixelated farms look all pretty. The once-ubiquitous farming simulation was so popular that it was once of the main reasons behind Kotaku Social, a short-lived semi-spin-off that my editor-in-chief Stephen Totilo put me in charge of back in 2012. I had to post FarmVille tips, you guys. It was hell.

All of that ends on December 31. FarmVille is a Flash game, and with Facebook removing support for Flash games at the end of the year, it will no longer be able to maintain the abandoned plots of the millions of players who flocked to the game in its early days. Publisher Zynga explains the whole situation in a post on its support blog. In-app purchases will be available until November 17, just in case anyone wanted to blow a wad of cash for old time’s sake.

It’s just as well the game is closing. It’s nearly impossible to play these days without installing optional plugins or browser extensions. I tried to visit my old farm one last time and eventually gave up.

Can't even load the damn thing anyway.  (Screenshot: Facebook) Can't even load the damn thing anyway. (Screenshot: Facebook)

If you’re a FarmVille fan, don’t be too sad. There are still a couple of different FarmVille 2 games out there, and Zynga will soon release FarmVille 3 for mobile devices. We’ll never truly be free, but we can cherish this small victory.


    • Lol.. my thoughts exactly…

      Were closing but hey feel free to throw more cash our way!

      At least most f2p mobages that close actually turn off and even occasionally refund cash purchases once the closure is anounced. But hey Zynga would prefer u keep spending on a dead game!

  • Yay I guess? Farmville may be going away but the legacy it left on the mobile and gaming in general landscape is far too large and still relevant to ignore. It’s like when MySpace ended, we were left with Facebook, Twitter and all sorts of other social platforms and look where that’s gotten us…

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