Avengers Patch 1.3.0 Fixes Hundreds Of Annoying Little Problems

Avengers Patch 1.3.0 Fixes Hundreds Of Annoying Little Problems
Illustration: Square Enix

While players have been busy levelling up the world’s mightiest heroes, developer Crystal Dynamics has been hard at work addressing all the little issues that have vexed Marvel’s Avengers players since launch. Patch 1.3.0, out now for PC and live soon for consoles, makes exotic items more powerful, tweaks difficulty and enemy behaviour, and generally makes the game a little better.

Patch 1.3.0 is huge, at least in the amount of ground it covers. Highlights for me include a progress indicator when a downed player is being revived, a motion-blur slider with the ability to disable the feature completely, and various nerfs to the powerful Adaptoid enemies, who’d be nerfed completely out of the game and into, I dunno, Madden 21 if I had my way.

Go check out the patch notes, and then come back here and share your favourites in the comments.


  • I really dont know what is about this game. Sure it shouldnt have been launched in the state it was and it sure has a lot of little problems but gosh when it works I am having so much fun. it has made me realise how much I would like a Black Widow game.

    Honestly my only real complaint is how extremely tiny the tileset options are.

    I expected to hate the game but I have played it for something like 60 hours and not even remotely bored (boring tileset options aside). If only the publishers havent dragged it out too early.

    • I agree. I had little interest or hope before I bought it on a whim. But bugs aside, there are periods where it just ‘works’ and it an absolute blast. MP sessions are anywhere from 5-20 minutes long which is great for some jump in fun.

      Black Widow is the best character to play as well. A lot more control and tactics with her than the others I have found.

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