Black Milk Tease Super Mario Collaboration

Black Milk Tease Super Mario Collaboration

2020 is a huge year for Mario Mario, plumber extraordinaire. He’s turned 35, presumably had an existential crisis about needing to become a real adult, featured in one of the most innovative Lego collections in years, and now he’s set to adorn a variety of trendy fashions.

Popular makers of stylish leggings and other nerdy clothing, Black Milk, today teased a new collection based on Nintendo’s most iconic character.

Details are thin on the ground at the moment, with the blog merely encouraging fans to come back for the launch at 8am AEDT October 6.

But, perusing the photos gives some clues about what’s to come.

Black Milk Tease Super Mario Collaboration

There’s a black and red bomber jacket featuring Bowser’s face, along with matching high-waisted bike shorts.

What could either be a jersey-style playsuit or dress celebrating Mario’s love of bricks, emblazoned with his birth year. That ensemble is completed with matching leggings.

Black Milk Tease Super Mario Collaboration

Also available will be a green, flowy summer dress splashed with images of the Piranha Plant in its natural habitat.

Rounding out the collection is what could be a pair of short overalls? Oversomes? (Maybe a loin cloth with sky-blue shorts? It’s unclear.) With a 90s-esque print of Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and Toad. That is paired beautifully with a pale sleeveless shirt that I really, really must have.

There may or may not be more pieces in the collection, but overall it seems like the perfect, weather appropriate way to show your love for Mario this summer.

Folks interested in decking themselves out in some Super Mario-themed outfits should be sure to set multiple alarms for the early start. The collection is set to sell out with a similar level of enthusiasm as a next gen console launch.

If you managed to snag some of the Puma Super Mario shoes earlier this month, these pieces would be a perfect way to complete your outfit.

What do you think of the collection? Anything catch your eye?


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