Charge Your Switch Every Six Months, Says Nintendo

Charge Your Switch Every Six Months, Says Nintendo
Image: Nintendo

In what’s not only good advice for the Switch by electronics in general, Nintendo Support has reminded customers in Japan to recharge their game consoles.

Via tweet, Nintendo Support wrote that if left uncharged for a long period of time, the game console’s internal battery won’t be able to charge and thus, unable to be used, adding, “Please charge it once every six months.”

As our colleagues at Lifehacker previously pointed out, lithium-ion batteries do diminish over time. What’s more, letting the battery drain to zero is not beneficial for its longevity (check out this in-depth look at the lifecycle of lithium-ion batteries).

So please give your electronics some charging love!


    • I wish manufacturers would make it clearer how to manage lithium batteries. When you charge and how long? Do you let the battery get to zero and then charge? Can you charge too much? I think this is all a mystery to most consumers.
      My IPhone loses charge incredibly quickly and I may have been the cause!
      I’d love an article devoted to this subject.

  • If you need to be reminded to charge your switch every 6 months, then I’d hazard a guess and say you should never of bought the thing because its collecting cobwebs, or your so rich you might as well just buy a new one because you have to have everything regardless of whether you use it.

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