Circadian City Is A Surrealist Life Sim Where Dreams Bleed Into Reality

Circadian City Is A Surrealist Life Sim Where Dreams Bleed Into Reality

Indie life simulators have exploded in popularity over the past few years with major hits like Stardew Valley, My Time at Portia, Graveyard Keeper and Ooblets reaching major mainstream audiences. Cutting through the noise of the genre can be difficult, but Circadian City is one life sim that’s sure to catch eyes. While its pixel art style and day-to-day adventures filled with friendship and exploration are nothing new, the real magic of the title comes out at night, in surrealist dreams where anything is possible.

During the daytime cycle of Circadian City, you’ll go about your usual every day tasks: meeting new people, fostering friendships, cooking and completing quests. Beyond its vivid pixel art, these segments mostly resemble your typical life sim. There’s character tasks, needs obligations and cities to explore. You’ll need to regulate your health, develop your passions and earn money to survive. But when the sun falls, everything changes.

At night, you’ll enter a dreamscape where all your actions have consequences. Here, you can farm to your heart’s content, craft potions to change your personality or simply explore the delights of the game’s surreal landscapes. From giant placid beasts to a checkerboard bridge out of town and dead fishes floating in the sky, there’s plenty of weird and inspiring sights waiting in your Circadian dreams. Here, you can escape your mundane life into a world of magic.

While the day of Circadian City is filled with chores, the dreamworld has no such obligations. Inside these dreams you can become a master crafter, a miner, a builder and a friend to all the strange creatures you meet in your dreams. It’s the perfect escape from the day-to-day. For anyone who’s ever looked outside the window on a dreary day and hoped for something more, the world of Circadian City is for you. It looks set to be an intriguing, surreal adventure when it arrives in early access this September.

You can check out the latest trailer for the game here:

Circadian City is scheduled for a full release in Q3 2021 on Windows PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch, but early access launches on September 25. A demo will also be available via Steam throughout PAX Online.

For all the latest news and updates about the game, stay tuned to the Twitter channel or Discord.


  • I refuse to believe that in this day, this game cannot run at a buttery 60fps even on a 2070 card when there’s far better looking games out there able to. Simply put, the Cryengine is a dog, an absolute dog and this game has *always* been horribly optimised.

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