Doom Kinda Running On A Pregnancy Test

Doom Kinda Running On A Pregnancy Test

The other day Foone decided to hack an improved screen inside a…pregnancy test. And when you do something like that, it’s not a matter of if you can get Doom running on it, but when.

They were initially happy to just get the pregnancy test working as a screen, able to show videos of games and stuff in action:

But that was just a start. Connecting a bluetooth keyboard to the setup meant Doom was now playable (still remotely, you can’t execute Doom on a pregnancy test’s hardware, come on) on one of the smallest, worst screens imaginable, a 128×32 monochrome display:

You can see more of this stuff at their Twitter account, and directly support this kind of shenanigans on their Ko-Fi page.


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Doom is famous for running on everything from graphic calculators to ATMs, so I guess it shouldn’t be too surprising to see it playable here inside another video game, especially since that game is Minecraft.

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  • It’s not kinda running doom at all, it’s being used to play a video. Foone is kind hopeful that maybe it will kinda run Doom, maybe, at some point.

    Still, a lot less misleading than the Tegan Jones article on Gizmodo “Yes, a Pregnancy Test Can Run Doom and Skyrim”, and then you click on the story and it is literally the opposite, that no, it can’t currently run doom, and even Foone says it won’t run Skyrim. I thought you guys were better than click bait.

    • The last one gets somewhat close: while the hardware in the pregnancy test isn’t running the engine, it is displaying the game in real time. So it is more like using the pregnancy tester microcontroller as a display controller.

      Of course, they’ve also replaced the device’s screen, since the original is not dot matrix.

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