Doom Kinda Running On A Pregnancy Test

Doom Kinda Running On A Pregnancy Test

The other day Foone decided to hack an improved screen inside a…pregnancy test. And when you do something like that, it’s not a matter of if you can get Doom running on it, but when.

They were initially happy to just get the pregnancy test working as a screen, able to show videos of games and stuff in action:

But that was just a start. Connecting a bluetooth keyboard to the setup meant Doom was now playable (still remotely, you can’t execute Doom on a pregnancy test’s hardware, come on) on one of the smallest, worst screens imaginable, a 128×32 monochrome display:

You can see more of this stuff at their Twitter account, and directly support this kind of shenanigans on their Ko-Fi page.


[referenced id=”951075″ url=”” thumb=”×154.gif” title=”You Can Play Doom (And Loads Of Other Games) Inside Minecraft” excerpt=”Doom is famous for running on everything from graphic calculators to ATMs, so I guess it shouldn’t be too surprising to see it playable here inside another video game, especially since that game is Minecraft.”]


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