EA Play Coming To Xbox Game Pass At No Extra Cost

A sampling of the games available via EA Play. (Screenshot: Microsoft)
A sampling of the games available via EA Play. (Screenshot: Microsoft)

Tucked into today’s announcement of the Xbox Series X pricing and release date was the announcement that EA Play, EA’s subscription game service, is coming to Xbox Game Pass at no extra fee.

Available only in the PC and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate bundles, EA Play grants players access to exclusive in-game content, early access to newly released games for up to 10 hours, and a wealth of EA titles. The service typically costs about $7/month, but will be included for free to Ultimate Game Pass and PC Game Pass subscribers.

Right now, Xbox users can take advantage of the service to play Battlefield V; the 2020 iterations of the Fifa, Madden, and NBA Live games; Plants vs. Zombies; Titanfall 2; Dragon Age Inquisition; and more.


  • Wow, and its FREE with FREE Gamepass!

    Trolling aside, that’s crazy good. Ive already got an evil EA subscription as well as Gamepass Ultimate that i bought prepaid as XBL Gold through to late 2022 then upgraded the lot for $1.

    Im now looking at the Series X and seeing a $750 once off payment for all my PC and console expenditure for the next two years!

    ….i might still buy Cyberpunk at full retail.

  • So the base version of EA Play.Not that I’m complaining, 10 hours is plenty to see if you like a new release enough to want to buy it.

    Still a great get for Game Pass as a whole… And not bad for EA either honestly.

    However, I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t do the same with PS+ at some point because I find it quite odd they’d pick sides like this unless MS gave them a boatload of cash.

    While it says it’s only available to Ultimate or PC Game Pass, that doesn’t exactly spell out exclusive to Xbox… Only that Xbox console players need to pay up for Ultimate.

  • Well that’s a tasty sweetener. EA Play’s pretty shit on the PC, I thought about it when looking at the offering on Steam and noted how few games there were that I was both interested in and didn’t already own (thus ruling out Sims, Anthem, Battlefront 2). Not enough new or old there to justify a sub. But if you’re into the racing/sports/battlefield games, I imagine there might be a bit more appeal, there.

    Combined with the reasonable payment plan, the chances of my getting a neXtbox alongside my up-front guaranteed PS5 just increased very slightly.

  • I’m already really happy with PC gamepass, so this is a hell of a sweetener. They’ve probably just locked me in for a while and robbed Steam and epic of quite a few dollars.

  • Man, Games Pass doing a reverse Netflix and consolidating its competitors offerings is something i didn’t see happening, i had always imagined that the market would fracture like the streaming one has where everyone carves off their own sliver of content to the point that each individual offering is no longer worth the price of admission

    • Right? The video companies doing this have already started to drive me back to the seven digital seas for select titles, but seeing a consolidation in the game space is definitely unexpected. First EA coming back to Steam, and now EA+Gamepass.

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