Everything Sony Announced In Today’s PS5 Event

Everything Sony Announced In Today’s PS5 Event
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At long last we have the PlayStation 5’s release date, price, and teases for the next God of War and Final Fantasy XVI.

Sony’s second PS5 showcase gave us most of the answers we didn’t get the first time around, including that the next-gen console will be out November 12 and cost $US500 ($683). Today’s 40-minute long event also gave us a better idea of the rest of the PS5’s launch lineup as well as some big teases for upcoming games. It’s a good thing too, because these consoles are now less than two months away.

Here’s the full breakdown of what we saw at Sony’s event today:

Screenshot: Sony Screenshot: Sony

Final Fantasy XVI is in development and it’s a PS5 console exclusive.

Square Enix revealed the latest game in the JRPG series with a trailer that showed both story and gameplay. There were crystals, there was Bahamut, and lots of people speaking with English accents. The game looks like a return to the series’ more traditional, medieval roots, rather than the more modern and fantastical settings of Final Fantasy XIII and XV. But the kicker is that it what was shown was running on a PC rather than a PS5, so who knows when Final Fantasy XVI will actually come out.

Screenshot: Sony Screenshot: Sony

Spider-Man: Miles Morales continues to look real good (and is coming to PS4 also).

We got our first real glimpse of gameplay for Insomniac’s next Spider-Man and it looks very familiar, but in a good way. Miles Morales’ take on the web-slinger has some flashy new powers, but otherwise appears to follow the tried-and-true path of its predecessor. Not included in the event but announced separately was the fact that Miles Morales is also coming to PS4. What we didn’t get was a precise release date. The game is still only slated for “Holiday 2020.”

Screenshot: Sony Screenshot: Sony

Hogwarts Legacy is a new Harry Potter game coming in 2021.

The game, which has been rumoured for some time following leaks back in 2018, looks like it will let players live out their long-held wizarding fantasies by enrolling in Hogwarts, taking classes, and doing homework. It’s also coming to current and next-gen platforms. Here’s the full list (deep breath): PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

Big Shooty set-pieces return in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

Activision showed a mission from this year’s Call of Duty campaign. The publisher also announced that an alpha for the game’s multiplayer will be available only on PS4 starting 9/18.

Screenshot: Sony Screenshot: Sony

VILLAGE: Resident Evil is coming out in 2021.

Teased back at the first event, VILLAGE: Resident Evil, AKA Resident Evil 8, got a new story trailer and it continues to look more like Silent Hill meets The VVitch than a modern Resident Evil game, and hey, I’m not complaining.

We saw a bunch more gameplay for Deathloop.

And man do I wish it was still a PS5 launch game. After being delayed earlier this summer, the PS5 console exclusive now has a new release window of “Q2 2021.”

Devil May Cry 5 is getting a PS5 version.

It’ll be available digitally when the PS5 launches.

Screenshot: Sony Screenshot: Sony

Demon’s Souls Remastered is silky smooth and gorgeous.

But was not announced as a PS5 launch game.

PlayStation Plus Collection is Sony’s answer to Game Pass.

A bunch of PS4 exclusives like God of War, The Last of Us Remastered, and Detroit: Become Human will be available on PS5 at launch for free for paying PS Plus subscribers.

Screenshot: Sony Screenshot: Sony

PS5 is $US500 ($683) and coming out November 12.

Wow. PS5 will be the same price as Xbox Series X, while the PS5 digital-only will be even less, priced at $US400 ($546). The Series S is only $US300 ($410), but it’s also spec’d lower than the Series X, while the PS5 all-digital appears to be entirely the same as the regular PS5, just without the optical drive. Both versions of the next-gen console will be out November 12 in places like the US, Japan, and Canada, and November 19 for the rest of the world.

Image: Sony Screenshot: Sony

The next God of War is out next year.

I’m not at all surprised that a new God of War is in the works. I am shocked that it’s apparently right around the corner. We don’t know if it will be a full-fledged sequel or more of a stand-alone spin-off like Miles Morales, but it’s coming in 2021.


  • All Digital next gen console same price as the Xbox Series S that’s weaker than current Gen.

    This doesn’t seem great for Xbox.

    • its $100US more expensive, not the same price . Plus, have fun paying $100AU for games on the PS store, at least xbox has game pass making an all digital console way more enticing.

      • Yeah, I don’t get who the PS5 discless is for, given that it’s only 1.5 games cheaper than the disc-included version, and the PSN store prices don’t start discounting to the point that they match physical games until 1-2yrs after release, if ever.

        Seems like a long-term expensive way to play for a short-term saving? If this new Plus Collection expands to be more than just last-gen first-party exclusives, I could see the point, but there’s no real detail on how big Sony’s late-to-the-party gamepass is going to be, or whether they’ve got the stones to include day one AAA titles the way gamepass is doing.

        • I would agree. I was always thinking of going 1 disc console and 1 discless console this next generation so thinking Xbox Series X and PS5 digital, but it just doesn’t seem worth it. I’ll now just get the disc version of both..

          I think the MS strategy of the series s being a ‘secondary’ console for PS5 owners as well as non hardcore gamers is quite ingenious now given that it has a decent price discrepancy between the two..

        • I’m strongly considering a discless PS5 simply because I tend to buy my games way after release when they are on sale… 😛

          I’m just waiting to see what the BC situation is with PS4 games that were bought on the PS Store. Will they be downloadable and playable on the PS5? As far as I can tell, there are no guarantees beyond a vague statement that many games will be playable.

          • Top 100 most played games have been tested and playable they say. Hopefully they expand upon this.

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