Gears Tactics Will Have Cross-Saves, Except On Steam

Gears Tactics Will Have Cross-Saves, Except On Steam
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Gears Tactics is making its console launch on November 10, alongside the release of the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. But only some cross-platform players will be able to continue where they left off. According to a Microsoft spokesperson, cross-saves will only be available between the Windows store and Xbox consoles.

First released in April for PC, Gears Tactics is a tactical shooter set in the Gears of War universe. It first came out for PC with the understanding that an eventual console release was on the way. Those who played via Microsoft’s storefront will be able to pick up where they left off in the fight against Ukkon. Those who played on Steam are out of luck.

The console release will include standard next-gen enhancements, like 4K resolution and a targeted frame rate of 60 frames per second (at least on the shiny new consoles). Regardless of platform, the game is also getting some new content, which will be made available to PC players as a free update. “Deviant” enemies, tougher foes with special abilities, will show up in battles. Also, Jack, the flying life-saving robot that saved my life more times than I can count in Gears 5, will be a playable character. Unlike your rank-and-file troops, Jack is classified as a hero, and will have a unique skill tree.

Gears Tactics will be available with Xbox Game Pass, and is currently available on Xbox Game Pass for PC, which left beta just last week.


  • Yeah, there are some other weird clashes like this.

    A friend just got Ark on his brand new Game Pass and tried to join our sever (Epic/Steam players) and cannot. He can only play with Game Pass and Windows store players. Colourful language ensued.

    Until he said that I didn’t even know Windows store was a thing.

  • A little disappointing. The Xbox is at its best when you can play a game on PC, boot up the Xbox, and keep playing on your tele.

    Hope this is only a temporary issue, as my saves are all in Steam atm.

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