Cyberpunk Parkour Game ‘Ghostrunner’ Looks Sick As Hell

Cyberpunk Parkour Game ‘Ghostrunner’ Looks Sick As Hell

Cyberpunk is in this year and Ghostrunner is one of the many games bringing the heat. With gorgeous neon worldbuilding and a hot high-tech protagonist, Ghostrunner is quickly ascending to the top of many ‘highly anticipated’ lists for very good reason. It’s packed with style, features a killer concept and oozes cool. If you haven’t checked it out already, you should definitely get up to speed.

In Ghostrunner, you play as a cyborg ninja (think Zero from Borderlands) on a mission to carve their way through the corruption of humanity, defeat deadly robots and uncover the last remaining human resistance. As you cut your deadly path through the neon underground, you’ll uncover a ruthless caste system and come face-to-face with the game’s mysterious ‘Keymaster’ who rules the Dharma Tower with an iron fist.

While it’s a story well-trodden, it’s Ghostrunner’s gameplay which makes it really stand out. As the game’s cyborg ninja protagonist, you’ll be able to wall-jump, parkour, slide-and-dice and leap your way through the dark sci-fi city streets. The game’s locales are gorgeous and multi-layered — and every obstacle is an opportunity for some sleek and fast-moving action.

You can check out the latest trailer for Ghostrunner here:

While it’ll certainly face stiff competition from the other big cyberpunk-themed game releasing this year, Ghostrunner looks cool as hell and more than stylish enough to stand out from the crowd.

The game’s in development at 3D Realms (Duke Nukem, Ion Fury), One More Level (God’s Trigger) and Slipgate Ironworks (Metamorphosis, Ancestors Legacy), so there’s several decades of experience under one roof. The polish and talent behind it is clear. Early gameplay has already shown off its impressive pedigree and teased a wide open world ripe for exploration.

These demos also showed off some incredible wall-running moves, as well as bullet time-based puzzles to solve. Whether you like hacking and slashing or solving problems with stealth, there looks to be plenty of options for diverse gameplay choices.

You can check out some early footage from Kotaku Australia’s initial preview of the game here:

More details about Ghostrunner will be revealed on September 15 during PAX Online. Stay tuned to the Ghostrunner Twitter page for all the latest updates, including when you can get hands-on with the game.

Ghostrunner is currently set for a release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam sometime in 2020. This is one game you’ll want to keep an eye on.


  • This looks fucking rad.

    I hope they fix how jarring the wall run animation is. They’ve obviously taken a lot of cues from Titanfall for the movement. It needs to be as smooth as that.

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