God Damn The PS5 Is Enormous

God Damn The PS5 Is Enormous
Image: PlayStation
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Earlier this month it dawned on us just how big the Xbox Series X is. It’s big! Know what else is big? And in most cases even bigger? The PlayStation 5.

I Don’t Think We’re Ready For How Big The Xbox Series X Really Is

I know that you know that the Xbox Series X is big. But I don’t think you’re aware of just how fucking big it is.

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While we’ve known the PS5 was going to be large based on stuff like renders and estimates based on the size of the disc drive, it’s only today we got official measurements for the console, letting us definitively compare it to Microsoft’s Xbox Series X (and S).

I hope you and your entertainment units/shelves are ready.

This scaled image compares the height and width of this year's four new consoles. (Image: Kotaku) This scaled image compares the height and width of this year's four new consoles. (Image: Kotaku)

The PlayStation 5 is 390mm x 104mm x 260mm. That is…big, especially when you compare it to the Xbox Series X, which is 301mm x 151mm x 151mm. That makes the PlayStation 5 not only significantly “taller” than Microsoft’s console when both are standing vertically, but almost twice as “deep” as well.

The PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, meanwhile, is slightly smaller, coming in at 390mm x 92mm x 260mm, meaning it’s just a little shallower, mostly thanks to its omission of a disc drive.

If you want to compare the bigger units to the wee lil’ Xbox Series S, it’s just 275mm x 65mm x 151mm.

And it’s not just on a tape measure that the PS5 is coming in bigger. It’s also heavier than the Xbox Series X. The main PS5 weighs 4.5kg (9.92lbs), while the Digital Edition weighs 3.9kg (8.59lbs). The Series X, meanwhile, hits the scales at 4.4kg (9.8lbs), and the Series S is a diminutive 1.9kg (4.25lbs).

Which is all well and good for ideas about stuff that’s not out yet, but how does the PS5 shape up against the PS4? It’s huge.

And here's the PS5 vs the PS4 (Image: Kotaku) And here's the PS5 vs the PS4 (Image: Kotaku)

What does this mean in terms of games, future support, online features, cost, value, exclusives and fun times? Nothing! What does it mean in terms of directly comparing one competing thing against another, and potentially trying to find space under your TV in the coming months?

It means the Xbox Series X is big, the PS5 is even bigger, and the Series S is very small.


  • Heck.

    Imagine you’re being introduced to these next-gen consoles for the first time, in the flesh. You first lay eyes upon the Series X. You pick that chonker up, are in awe at its mighty heft. Then your more tech-savvy guide chuckles and says “And you know what? That’s the SMALL one.”

  • When airflow recommendations were coming out and I asked if engineers intended for these devices to be placed on room-central plinths as room-dominating altars of tech-worship, cords tendrilling across the living room, IT WAS A FUCKING JOKE NOT A DESIGN REQUIREMENT.

    I have no idea where I’m going to put this monstrosity.

  • I am more worried about how this thing is supposed to vent with all that lovely moulded plastic.. Especially if I put it on its side (it looks like it’s made to vent upwards).

    The xbox consoles might not be pretty but they’ll most likely run cooler with lots of vents on top and on the side.. Ask anyone with both consoles right now and generally they’ll say the PS4 sounds like a jet engine and the xbox is whisper quiet.

    • Of course the Xbox is whisper quiet, cuz it’s not being turned on looool.

      I’m kidding, it sounds like my Pro is trying to take off and fly around the room sometimes.

      • That was actually a funny response though…

        I will say my Xbox saw very little usage compared to the PS4 until I got Game Pass around a year ago, since then the shift from PS4 to Xbox has been noticable..

        And I’m sure PS owners are tired of Xbox owners banging on about game pass as much as Xbox owners are tired of PS owners banging on about lack of exclusives..

  • I’ve had the same small knee high table since the days of the PS1.
    It’s not pretty but it’s small enough to hold a few consoles, give them good airflow and keep a low enough profile that it doesn’t stick out or take up precious space.

  • People were laughing at the ridiculous size of the Xbox Series X… This is just stupid.

    At least the Xbox is innocuous enough to just be a giant monolith and not garner too much attention.. rather than… Whatever this is…

  • Seems like a very late decision from Sony to include the digital only version since it’s the same dimensions almost and M$ have shrunk theirs down. They may have just used the same parts to save on costs.

    • The Series….smaller one, isn’t just a scaled down Series….bigger one, it’s more of a scaled up….Xbox one…smaller one, from what I understand.

      • That’s not right. It’s a scaled down Series and not a scaled up One. It’s very much identical to the Series X in most respects, just with a weaker GPU. Has the same CPU, SSD etc as the Series X.

        • When you consider that the GPU in the Xbox Series S is 4Tflops vs the 6Tflops of the old Xbox one X I think its fair for people to say overall its closer to the old console than the new one.

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