He Comin’: Fall Guys Devs Tease The Arrival Of The Big Yeetus

He Comin’: Fall Guys Devs Tease The Arrival Of The Big Yeetus
Flawless execution. Perfect form. 10/10. (Gif: Mediatonic)

Fall Guys developer Mediatonic hinted today on Twitter to the addition of a new element to maps called the Big Yeetus.

The tweet features a gif of a Fall Guy being yeeted (yeet · ed verb to be thrown, punched, or otherwise flung over a great distance) by a big rotating hammer toward the Dizzy Heights finish line. Even though Big Yeetus (scientific classification: Chongus maximus yeetidae) seems to help the Fall Guy get to the finish line faster, Mediatonic promises Yeetus will not always be so generous.

The Big Yeetus hasn’t shown up yet, but other elements in the gif suggest that the team is working on adding new features to established maps. For example the cannon in Dizzy Heights, the map in the gif, now fires fruit instead of balls. Adding random elements to maps already being bested by pros and streamers is a great way to equalise the playing field, making us all suck a little bit more at a game that’s more fun when nobody is good at it.


  • I found in a game of Fall Ball, a giant golden egg can spawn and its worth 5 points. I’ve gotta go through my clips to upload it, but definitely only seen it once

    • The only unusual thing I’ve seen in that mode was an oval football spawning instead of a soccer ball once. I’m not sure if it was worth more.

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