Hell Architect Is A Demonic Management Sim About Besting Lucifer

Hell Architect Is A Demonic Management Sim About Besting Lucifer

You think your job is hell? Well, now it can be. Hell Architect is a devilish upcoming management sim where players take the reins of Hell as its new manager-in-charge. As Lucifer’s most trusted advisor, it’ll be your job to work out the worst punishments for the unfortunate denizens of hell and build increasingly complex structures to keep the wheels of the underworld moving.

While games have explored hellish adventures like this before, it’s the first time you’ll really be able to take charge and stake a claim in the bowels of the underworld as its king. With Hell in need of quick gentrification, you’ll get to work immediately on improving not only Hell’s facilities but also its tortures. Your goal? To make Lucifer blush with shame.

Creativity is key here, and there’s plenty of opportunities to explore your more demonic side. But whether your prisoners recieve horrible, soul-destroying torture or a more charmed existence will be up to you and your desires.

Hell Architect takes inspiration from classic city builders and starts at the very bottom of Hell. As you build, you’ll advance from simple power stations and toilets all the way to elaborate Rube Goldberg machines of pain, building the capabilities of Hell and your torture abilities.

As you progress, you’ll be able to attach a pizza on a string to a hungry sinner, set them on fire or have them poke themselves in the eye. Or have them run on a hamster wheel until they bleed. Or explode them with a passing wrecking ball. You can even sentence them to hard labour in Hell’s mines. It’s nasty stuff, but the game’s cartoonish and over-the-top style makes it hard to take any of the fun too seriously.

Plus, there’ll be some special guests included in the game you’ll find are certainly deserving of endless torment.

You can check out the trailer for Hell Architect below. Viewers should note it includes ample cartoon gore and disturbing scenarios:

Hell Architect is scheduled for a late 2020 release but if you want to get torturing early, a demo is now live on Steam. You can also check out the game’s Discord page for all the latest news and updates throughout PAX Online.

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