How You Can Buy the Nvidia RTX 3080, 3090 Series Cards on Day One

How You Can Buy the Nvidia RTX 3080, 3090 Series Cards on Day One
Image: Nvidia

PC Gamers have been champing at the bit to get their hands-on Nvidia’s shiny brand new RTX 30-Series Founders Edition GPUs. With only two days to go until the launch of the 3080, MWAVE have announced just how they’re going to make ordering work for everyone.

The store is going to be holding a raffle, so gamers can have a fair chance at buying on day one.

Update: If you’re interested in the cards, our review of the RTX 3080 and all the benchmarks has just gone live here.

To register for the raffle, you just need to go to the store here.

The GEFORCE RTX 3080 raffle closes at 2p.m. AEST Friday, September 18, with the winners being drawn just an hour later.

For the GEFORCE RTX 3090, fans are going to have to be a bit more patient. That one closes 2p.m. AEST Friday, September 25, with the winners drawn at 3p.m. that same day.

The RTX 3070 may also be available via the raffle system, but that date (and availability in general) is still to be confirmed.

Note that winning the raffle just gives you a chance to buy one, with the 3080 costing $1,139 and the 3090 setting you back $2,429.

If you’re thinking of gaming the raffle by spamming it with entries, keep in mind that the raffle is limited to just one entry per household. That could get messy if you live in a share house with other people keen for the cards, so good luck with that.

If you can’t wait that long, or if you’re looking for a partner card, those will be available from tomorrow, September 17in limited numbers, but without the raffle.

The availability of the Founders Edition cards come after a backflip from Nvidia, who originally didn’t plan to make the cards available in Australia at all, so this is great news.

Are you thinking about entering the raffle? If so, may the odds be ever in your favour. Let us know below if you plan on going for it, or if you’re going to go for a partner card instead.


  • Given the unknowns on whether we’re going to be charged a chunk more or not for third party cards, I’m kinda on the edge about whether I want to get an FE or a third-party card instead. Hoping to get a click and collect order at a local store to avoid the delivery wait, especially since I’m in Melbourne, but it honestly looks like I’m just gonna have to take what I can get at this point, even if it means having to wait for delivery, since I’m likely not going to have the chance to think it over once everything goes live at 11pm tomorrow.

    • I think demand is high and supply low. So high chance to sell for a profit…

      Not condoning scalping but that’s I feel that’s the likely reality.

    • I don’t think you read Mwave T&C carefully, the card won’t be here right away. Most likely they are still not in Australia yet.
      “Stock will not be immediately available on the official release date. Stock will be available at a to-be-confirmed date.”

    • Where’d you get the release time from? I was under the assumption the aib cards would be available as soon as stores open.

      • PCCaseGear confirmed via their Twitter that 11 pm AEST will be the time they list their cards, and NVIDIA also said this with their MWAVE FE announcement, so I’m assuming that all other stores will follow suit.
        So I’m expecting that I’ll be waiting with baited breath to get shafted come 11pm tomorrow.

    • Partner cards start at $1400AUD.. enjoy.

      I think this generation loads of people will be looking over at consoles as the way to do with gaming. PC part inflation is going to cut most people out from the market.

      A $699usd somehow translates into $1400+ in AUD… our markets broken!

  • I wanted a FE 3080, but if I wait for the raffle I might miss out on a partner card.
    So I think I’ll just get a Gigabyte 3080 as soon as they go on sale.
    A big Thanks to Kotaku for keeping us Aussie in the know.
    Great Job.

  • Here’s the thing: while at launch, mwave’s raffle will be the only way to purchase the 3080, mwave haven’t confirmed or ruled out that there will be a restock of founders edition cards. NVIDIA stated that they would make it so the 3080 “will be available for customers” and I don’t think a simple raffle will suffice as an official launch to most people.

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