I Don’t Think We’re Ready For How Big The Xbox Series X Really Is

Image: Microsoft
Image: Microsoft

I know that you know that the Xbox Series X is big. But I don’t think you’re aware of just how fucking big it is.

Over the last few days not just tech/game sites like The Verge and Gamespot but also Content Creators — specifically, those who specialise in simply taking products out of boxes — have been sent the facade of the new Xbox consoles. They’re not even functional! Just the cases!

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With Microsoft’s smaller next-gen console finally official, there’s not much to do between now and its release but talk about how excellent the machine’s one defining visual feature is. And I’m not talking about its diminutive size.

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The idea was probably to get them to show off the hardware in all its glory — and I really like the hardware — but the only thing I’m taking away from it is that the Xbox Series X is somehow even bigger than it has looked previously.

Renders and mockups and charts can only tell you so much. Sometimes, you need to see a big console in the real world to give you a true sense of scale.

Look at him!

Oh lawd he comin’!

He is, if you are only just joining us, a very large boy.

Microsoft made a big deal earlier this week about the new Series S being the smallest Xbox console ever, and like…every Xbox before it has been huge, so that’s a very low bar to clear.

That said, it is pretty compact!

You know what’s not compact? The Xbox Series X!

I hope anyone looking at getting one of these in November has a very large entertainment units. Or plenty of floor space around their entertainment unit.


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