If I Had To See The Inside Of A Fall Guy, You Do Too

If I Had To See The Inside Of A Fall Guy, You Do Too
Illustration: Fall Guys
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This, officially, is what the inside of a Fall Guy looks like. Bird bones and nightmare eyes. I wish I’d never seen it.

But now that I have, you must as well.

Have a good night.


  • Ok, I’m confused. Why does the skull have a mouth and nasal cavity when they aren’t used? Evolutionary throwbacks like our tailbone and appendix? Also the legs don’t make any sense because they flex backwards where they meet the bottom of the body during the running animation. The arms also don’t make sense because they can flex at the elbows unless that whole hand like structure is two completely separate structures where the wrist is the elbow and the finger tips are what curl as the hands.

    Also what’s the rest of the space? Fat? Muscle? If their skull is bigger that a human’s (going by the comparison) what size is their brain? I kind of feel like the scientists doing the autopsies were a little drunk and dropped their KFC onto the table.

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