It Took 12 Years, But I Finally Got A Platinum PlayStation Trophy

It Took 12 Years, But I Finally Got A Platinum PlayStation Trophy
Only 27.9 per cent of players have earned this rare trophy. (Screenshot: PlayStation )

Sony introduced trophies for PlayStation 3 games in July of 2008. Since then I’ve earned more than 3,000 virtual accolades on PlayStation consoles, but it wasn’t until last weekend that I finally joined the Platinum trophy elite, thanks to Hello Games’ The Last Campfire.

I wasn’t looking for fame and notoriety as I wound my little hooded Ember through The Last Campfire’s chill puzzles. I just wanted to make sure the little critter found its way home. The term “hero” gets tossed about so casually these days. I am no hero. I am just a man who enjoys solving problems. If that earns me a Platinum trophy, then so be it.

Look at all those bronzes, though. That's the real measure of success.  (Screenshot: PlayStation )Look at all those bronzes, though. That’s the real measure of success. (Screenshot: PlayStation )

I know, you’re curious about my technique for earning this ultimate accolade. Platinum trophies are notoriously hard to acquire. In the case of The Last Campfire, I had to play the game through to the end, earning all other trophies along the way. All of those other trophies can only be earned by casually playing through the game. It was a tough four or five hours, but I achieved my goal. I even have the screenshot captured at the exact moment to prove it.

This could have been planned better.  (Screenshot: PlayStation )This could have been planned better. (Screenshot: PlayStation )

Ridiculously easy, you say? Perhaps. OK, definitely. I’d go as far as to say The Last Campfire is pretty much a guaranteed Platinum trophy unless you hate puzzles and joy. Does that lessen my achievement? Sure. Do I feel bad now? A little bit, yeah. Thanks.

Tune in a decade from now when I earn my second Platinum trophy for some random indie game on the PlayStation 6.


  • You have also now unwittingly confirmed that you’ve never finished a Telltale game on Playstation either.

    Pretty sure most of them give you a platinum just for finishing the game, no extra puzzle hunting, no out of the way collectables, just play the game through and get any ending. Boom. Platinum.

    • Hmm that explains it.

      I know the first platinum I got was for Need For Speed Hot Pursuit on PS3, but according to my PSN account I actually have 2 platinums, and I could never figure out what the other was for (and not easy to search for it).

      So after reading your post I went and checked and yes, my other platinum was for The Walking Dead season 1. Interestingly, I didn’t get one for finishing season 2,so maybe there was something extra required there?

      • Yeah, most of them give you a platinum but not all. I definitely know the Wolf Among Us doesn’t, but Game of Thrones, Tales from the Borderlands and Batman S1 I’m pretty sure also do as well.

        I have around 19-20 plats but at least 4-5 are telltale games.. (which almost feels like cheating)..

  • with me, I have the feeling that it has gotten a lot easier to get platinum
    I am not sure but I believe my first platinum was in Horizon Zero Dawn and I had a PS3 for a number of years before that.

    look at the trophy difference between Last of Us 1 vs Last of Us 2.

    LOU2 doesn’t have any difficulty trophies(in the main section)
    while LOU1 does require Crushing playthrough

    • Sony shows rarity percentages next to each trophy, which tells you how many people who play the game acquire each trophy including the platinum. There’s always been some games with easier platinums than others.

      There are still games with hard platinums, such as Fall Guys where the platinum has a 0.1% rarity, which I assume has been rounded up.

  • I thought I got my first platinum finishing Virtues last Reward on my vita. It turned out I got one a few years previously. When I say “I” I mean my eight year old daughter got it. She finished playing some harry potter magic book game on the PS3. I know have three in total thanks to walking dead on my Vita. The 3000 bronze trophies reflect that I start a lot of games but finish very few.

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