It’s Spooky Season

It’s Spooky Season

This week we find to try to figure out what’s up with all these confusing Xbox console names, capture a cute pup in a net, check out the new trailer for the Prince of Persia remake, and put on a creepy mask.

Great Kotaku Content From The Past Week

The Best And Weirdest Ways People Used To Fight Screen-Peeking

Every couple of years, someone on the internet demonstrates how they adjudicate screen-peeking. Two kids tape a Toy Story blanket to their TV, ensuring an airtight barrier between both halves of the CRT display. One player stands up in the middle of a Halo deathmatch, while his two friends are...

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My friends and I never used these methods. Instead, we would play with the rule that screen-peeking was allowed and just added it to the mayhem of playing multiplayer shooters. I got good at navigating Halo maps while looking at the ground.

I Can’t With These Confusing Xbox Names

With the price of one of the next-generation Xbox consoles confirmed and the other one likely forthcoming as Microsoft and Sony’s big game of next-gen pricing chicken drags on, there needs to be a frank discussion about the names of these consoles. A discussion wherein I sit down with Mr. Microsoft and ask a simple question: What the fuck?

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I know the argument some folks have is that “Well, phones have confusing names too!” But..that also sucks! We should make it easier for everyone to buy new technology.

Joy-Con Fighting Game Character Is So Accurate, It Constantly Drifts Left

Smash-like platform fighter Rivals of Aether allows players to create custom characters and put them up for download through the Steam Workshop. One such character, modelled after the Nintendo Switch’s ubiquitous Joy-Con controllers, is pretty dang accurate. So accurate, in fact, that it even drifts like a real Joy-Con.

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You love to see it.


You can’t stop me, you can only hope to contain me…and maybe pet me too.


Please people, stop destroying shit and killing people just to tell us if your baby is a boy or a girl. Please!

This ISN’T actually a phone mask, but instead something just as strange!


Trailers & Videos From The Past Week

I liked the original game a lot, but I wonder how well it holds up today…

Ubisoft, you brought back the wrong Watch Dogs protagonist.

Get ready to, once again, shoot some folks and earn some XP.

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