Here’s The Cheapest Copies Of Marvel’s Avengers in Australia

Here’s The Cheapest Copies Of Marvel’s Avengers in Australia
Image: Marvel's Avengers

Marvel’s Avengers launches on September 4 in Australia. As one of the major flagship games for the year, there’s likely to be massive interest in the title. Whether you plan on pre-ordering or just waiting, there’s some solid deals around. Check out our bargain guide for the best places to buy the game.

Right now, the cheapest place to pre-order the game for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is Amazon which has the game for $69. You’ll be able to grab the game with free delivery and you might even get it early. Reports suggest Amazon has already broken street date on the game.

Kogan has a similar $69 price, but you will need to pay extra for shipping so Amazon is still the cheapest option.

If you’re looking to play the game on PC, it appears the cheapest price is $79 at JB Hi-Fi.

Important to note is while this is a full-priced game, it appears to be pursuing aggressive microtransactional tactics. It means your $69 will only cover the basic game and heroes and you may need to fork out more money for specific battle passes, characters and advancement. Be wary.

Also note there will be extra heroes depending on the version of the game you purchase. Spider-Man, for example, will be exclusive to the PlayStation 4. There may be more of these exclusives down the line.

Here’s all the best deals for Marvel’s Avengers in Australia in price order (with details about what pre-order bonuses you’ll get):

  • Amazon – $69 delivered (PS4 | XBO) — no pre-order DLC listed
  • Kogan – $69 + delivery (PS4 | XBO) — no pre-order DLC listed
  • Harvey Norman – $78 (PS4 | XBO) — includes mystery ‘bonus content’ (likely the Legacy Outfit pack)
  • JB Hi-Fi – $79 (PC | PS4 | XBO) — inclues in-game nameplate and Marvel Legacy Outfit pack
  • The Gamesmen – $88 + delivery (PC | PS4 | XBO) — inclues in-game nameplate and Marvel Legacy Outfit pack
  • Steam – $89.95 (PC) — inclues in-game nameplate and Marvel Legacy Outfit pack
  • EB Games – $89.95 (PC), $99.95 (PS4 | XBO) — includes steelbook, digital comic, in-game nameplate and Marvel Legacy Outfit pack (you likely won’t be able to price-match due to the exclusive steelbook offer)

Will you be picking up Marvel’s Avengers on day one? Keen to see early reviews before you buy? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


  • if you don’t care for cosmetics, I suppose it doesn’t matter? since the devs have confirmed that all content will be free

    I suppose if someone wanted to standby their principle of never buying a game with mtx then that’s also fair.

    ignoring the fact my computer really can’t run the game, I’m personally waiting to see how the game shakes out. the gameplay loop just doesn’t seem compelling

  • Better way to save is not to buy it, the less who buy it the stronger the message that games should NOT be this exploitative with microtransactions.

    Squenix does this every couple of games, aggressively add Microtransactions into one game… and if no one buys them, they don’t put them into the next few games.

    But my biggest Irk is Marvel/Disney approved this Cash Shop game in all its functions, they approved SWNF2 lootboxes. They need to be sent the message too.

    • All the mtx can be earned for free just takes time and work. No issue with it. Better than them adding characters and charging for them.

      • My issue with it is that it means the gameplay loop will be grindy and unsatisfying because they want you to pay to skip it.

        There will most likely be “rewards” for only playing a small amount every day to keep you playing for more months and the cash shop will cycle every now and again to fuel a fear of missing out to try and encourage you to buy everything just in case it doesnt get put back in the rotation for months or at all.

        Better buy that spiderman skin now just in case its gone before you can finish grinding it out.

      • “All the MTX can be earned in game” is just a passable excuse for the time sink grind they purposely built into it. There are atrocious examples of all over the industry.

        If I game developer doesn’t value my TIME, they don’t get to value my MONEY!

        • Interesting take on it. Warfrane for example is loved by just about everyone yet have the same kind of thing. Large grind, sometimes massive, for stuff or pay to unlock it. And that goes for characters as well so in a lot of ways its worse. Yet no one bats an eye and sings the devs praise.

          • Might be because compared to any other game I’ve ever seen it’s actually surprisingly easy to earn platinum (the paid currency) in Warframe just by selling items you can get while playing.

            The developers have also done things in the past like remove or reduce the platinum cost of items/features because people were using them too much. As well as adding extra items to paid packs after getting feedback from the community that there wasn’t enough in said packs to justify their prices.

          • Warframe is an example of a developer who turned around and put down some really hard rules about what they want out of microtransactions for their free-2-play game.

            They pulled a microtransactions and refunded money after the metrics showed someone paid for 200 random items in a single day… they even rolled back of the original grinds for being too rng and unfocused.

  • I hope they fix up the UI because it is dreadful, it does that same stupid effect that Division 2 did, where it is blurry and constantly shimmering into focus.

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