Microsoft’s Next-Gen Xbox Series S Is Only $299

Microsoft’s Next-Gen Xbox Series S Is Only $299
Image: Microsoft

After a series of leaks last night, Microsoft has finally and officially announced their second next-gen console: the smaller, cheaper Xbox Series S. And it is cheap.

Report: Leaked Controller Mentions Second Next-Gen Xbox Console

While the machine has yet to be officially announced, there has long been speculation that Microsoft is planning on releasing a second next-gen console besides the Xbox Series X, called the Xbox Series S. Speculation that’s about to get a lot stronger.

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While the bigger next-gen machines from both Microsoft (Xbox Series X) and Sony (PlayStation 5) are expected to sell later this year for at least $US499 ($685), this smaller console is priced at only $US299 ($411).

The pros: if physical backwards compatibility isn’t an issue to you, and you’re not the type to trade-in your discs at places like GameStop, then the Series S will be very tempting. It’s almost the perfect Gamepass machine. And it’s $US200 ($275) cheaper than what we’re expecting from the Series X.

The cons: $US200 ($275) is a lot less, so we’d expect some more serious compromises in terms of specs than just the loss of a disc drive. When we first reported on this console back in 2019, it was believed that the performance gap between the Series X and Series S would be around the same as the Xbox One and Xbox One X.

I’m really feeling the design, which isn’t as out-there as you might first assume. Sure, the huge black “speaker” grill for the ventilation is the first thing to draw your eye, but it’s not as wild as you might think, since it’s actually a continuation of a design trend we saw with the Xbox One S. It also gives the wee lil’ console a little character, a defining visual mark that helps it stand out (while also making it look like an intercom system from Control or Portal).

The Xbox One S had a similar vent design, which the Series S is simply highlighting further. (Image: Microsoft)The Xbox One S had a similar vent design, which the Series S is simply highlighting further. (Image: Microsoft)

Microsoft says there’ll be a more thorough announcement “soon”.