Modded Team Fortress 2 Bots Are Designed To Hunt Cheaters

Modded Team Fortress 2 Bots Are Designed To Hunt Cheaters
Image: Team Fortress 2
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Team Fortress 2 has a problem with bots, but not all of its bots are there for cheating. Some have been programmed to hunt down the cheaters.

Apparently this has been a thing in the TF2 community for a little while now, but it’s only after this Tweet that the wider world got some insight into how it’s all been happening:

Among other attempts, it’s the Bot Extermination Service that’s getting the most attention, with the creation of a bot that’s able to recognise which players are humans and which are cheat bots in a round, and only target the bots:

As Eurogamer point out, this isn’t a perfect solution for the bot problem, since the spots being taken up by these “good” bots are taking up space on a server that could be used by a human player, and that in turn creates a scenario where games can potentially be full of bots chasing other bots instead of people playing the game.

But hey, it’s something, and it’s a pretty ingenious something at that.


  • I don’t really care that Valve will probably never make another major update for TF2 again, but their total lack of fixes for this mess is beyond dissappointing.

    Every game for the last 6+ months I’ve played has been full of bots, cheaters and spam bots spewing wildy racist garbage and Valve’s version of a fix was taking away communication priveleges for new accounts (affecting all new users in a game where people almost always literally have to ask how to change classes because the tutorials are so awful, and probably hurting the community in the long run as those new players probably won’t stick around) and making the vote kick options a little easier to use against them. Goddamnit, it’s not even like these bots are a new problem, very similar bots, aim hacks and scripts have been around for years with as far as I can tell only the occasional ban-wave to clear them out.

    If TF2’s code is too much of a mess for these things to be fixed then at least try to give us security updates until you replace TF2 with either a Source 2 port or TF3, it might not be the biggest money maker for Valve, but it still nets a lot of money for them and more than enough that their lack of interest in supporting the game is imo justifiably frustrating.

    • I’ll be giving them a pass considering the game is 13 years old now. ANY support for the game is good enough honestly.

      Though on the other hand, they ARE still monetizing the game, so you’d think they’d spend some of the money on fixing the game…

      • Yeah, that’s my real problem, they’ve got people, even very recently, adding more hats and crates but aren’t properly addressing the issues that are killing the game for the community. I don’t care that they won’t make content for the game, but I do want them to sustain it as it is.

        The stuff the bots were spouting shortly after George Floyd was killed was some of the most vile stuff I’ve ever seen in any game and while I’m glad they can’t spam the chat anymore I wish they actually stopped them from ever getting into the game to begin with. The community has made anti-cheater bots and auto-kick scripts for these cheaters, so I think it’s baffling that Valve couldn’t implement something that would automatically kick all of them, or at least all of the worst of them.

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