New Zealand’s Prime Minister Made A Very Wholesome Appearance On Twitch

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Made A Very Wholesome Appearance On Twitch
Screenshot: Twitch

And onto the list of totally normal 2020 things: New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern talking about KFC emojis on Twitch.

The New Zealand Prime Minister, a walking reminder for many of what life with competent management looks like, casually jumped onto a Twitch stream yesterday. You know, as most heads of state tend to do.

This story originally appeared on Kotaku Australia.

The visit was part of Jacinda Ardern’s visit to Rotorua, a Maori city in the country’s North Island and the most active geothermal area of the country.

And the stop to the 28-year-old Broxh wasn’t an accident. The proud Maori father and gamer has attracted 1.2 million followers over the year for his whakairo talents, or Maori wood carving.

Broxh’s stream has been a wholesome force for many stuck in isolation over the last few months, and he was more than happy to take the New Zealand Prime Minister through the basics.

“Can we get hypes in the chat for the Prime Minister, please,” the Maori carver asked.

It’s wild watching this from Australia, a country that shares so much in common with New Zealand and yet is so regressive in so many ways. Just the principle of Australian legislators even thinking about Twitch is cringeworthy, let alone them leveraging Twitch chat for insults.

There’s just something incredibly wholesome about Twitch chat calling their Prime Minister “Aunty”. It’s certainly a lot more cheerful than what’d happen if Australia’s Prime Minister popped up.


  • “This story originally appeared on Kotaku Australia.” A story that originally appeared on Kotaku AU appearing on Kotaku AU. This level of meta is too much for this early in the morning.

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