Ninja Is Back Exclusively On Twitch

Ninja Is Back Exclusively On Twitch
Image: Tyler “Ninja” Blevins

After a months-long period of “will he or won’t he” with two determined suitors, Twitch and YouTube, streaming megastar Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has announced that his post-Mixer streaming return will happen “only” on Twitch.

Blevins made the announcement on Twitter today with a tweet and a brief trailer.

“A new chapter, only on Twitch,” he wrote.

Last year, Blevins signed an exclusive deal with Microsoft-owned streaming platform Mixer. In June, Microsoft abruptly announced that Mixer had reached the end of the line and encouraged streamers and viewers to move over to Facebook instead. Blevins was reportedly offered a Facebook deal that nearly doubled his multi-million dollar Mixer deal, but he turned it down. Now, months later, he’s back where he started: on Twitch.

Last month, fellow Twitch star turned Mixer star turned Twitch star (again) Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek made his big Twitch return, pulling in over 500,000 concurrent viewers. Whenever it happens, Blevins’ return might be even bigger.

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  • I’m so freaken old.

    I’ve never watched people play a video game (save for a walkthrough or something like that on youtube) and never delved into twitch other than when it is broadcasting an event.

    To spend my time just streaming someone else playing a game (as opposed to playing it myself) seems like such a waste of what little free gaming time I have. To stress, this is an opinion and I think people can do whatever they want when it comes to gaming fix.

    Times have obviously changed, I’m just a dinosaur…

    • Funnily enough, on paper Twitch sounds like a slam dunk for me. Growing up, I got just as much enjoyment watching my friends play through games as I did playing them myself. In practice, I struggle care outside of watching the side channels of YouTubers whose video essays I enjoy talk in a more casual setting.

      I do liken it to sports though, I would get more enjoyment out of kicking a soccer ball around with some friends than watching someone else play a game. Still, I can’t deny the allure of watching people who are really good at a thing do the thing they are really good at.

    • I too am a dinosaur. I absolutely adore video games and am passionate about gaming, games culture, the writing and stories in games, I’ve read countless books about video games, I’ve bored many people with my willingness to always discuss video games, how they were developed, how gaming has changed through the years, I’ve played through most of the games that are considered classics, I listen to endless podcasts about games, collect rare games and collectibles, read developer diaries, etc…watching other people play though, it just doesn’t bring me any joy. I am glad it does for a lot of people though. It helps to make games and gaming more popular and brings it into the mainstream which makes me happy.

        • How dare you two be so accepting of what others enjoy, even when you may not understand or enjoy it yourselves…

          Don’t you guys know you’re on the internet?!

    • I feel I am the same as far as that old category. If it’s a game I want to play or something story based I’m. It big into watching it being played. But if it’s something technical then I do enjoy watching players far better than me play. For me it’s fighting games. I learn from it as well but I liken it to watching someone at the arcade while waiting for my turn.

      • Damn no edit button. Typing on my iPad sux. I meant to say that something story based I’m not big into watching it being played.

  • Streaming makes no sense and I will never understand the appeal. But besides that why does he even continue? He has enough money for him, his potential children, and his children’s children to never work a day in their lives. I would retire and enjoy it, do something worthwhile, but I guess that’s just me.

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