Oh Look, Microsoft Is Accidentally Mentioning A Next-Gen Console They Haven’t Actually Announced, Again

Image: Microsoft
Image: Microsoft

To date, Microsoft has announced a single next-gen console, the Xbox Series X. Thing is, we all basically know that there’s a second console coming, one that is yet to be announced, despite the fact there are more and more products out there that specifically mention it. Products made by Microsoft!

That console is the Xbox Series S, believed to be the console previously codenamed “Lockhart,” which we reported on last year. This console is designed to be a cheaper, digital-only version of the Series X.

Last month we saw a controller that mentioned the Series S on the box, and this week it’s a Game Pass trial code card, included in the box for an Xbox One controller.

It’s pretty hard to see in the tweet, so let’s enhance:

Screenshot: Enhance

Pull in on “100 high-quality games”, stop.

Huh. Making things even more absurd, the person posting the pic says they “bought this controller directly from Microsoft online”.

Guys, it’s September. Announce it already.


  • Didn’t Kotaku run a story about this a week or two ago?

    Most of us talked about the ridiculous naming convention Microsoft uses.
    XBox Series X and Series S should simply be XBox 5 Pro and XBox 5.

    I don’t have a 4K TV so the Series S might be my best option.

  • If MS were following Sonys numbering/naming process, sure. Nintendo have never followed that (NES/SNES & Wii/U come close), Sega did originally for the pre Master System consoles in Japan, and for new iterations of the same system (MD 2).

    But they’re not Sony.

  • I mean Nintendo realeased the DS, then 3DS, and followed up with 2DS. I don’t remember that being particularly hard for people to follow, even if going strictly by numbering, it’s misleading.

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