Over 1000 Gamers Are Set To Play The Biggest Game Of D&D Ever This Weekend

Over 1000 Gamers Are Set To Play The Biggest Game Of D&D Ever This Weekend
Image: We all wish we looked half as cool as the majestic (if evil) Frostmaiden.

Fans of Dungeons and Dragons, prepare yourselves: like all events in this cursed year, the D&D Celebration is heading online. Now you can finally attend in your PJs.

Running from Saturday to Monday, September 19-21, the event will include lots of panels, live games, and announcements, including more news about Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything. Tasha’s Cauldron is a pretty big deal, because it marks the biggest rules update since 2017’s Xanathar’s Guide To Everything. It’s not available until November, so that’s something fans won’t want to miss.

Some of the notable panels include:

Invisible Dragons: Designing Mental Health Adventures, moderated by Dr B from Take This (9:00a.m. AEST Saturday).

Behind the Screen: DM Roundtable, featuring Travis Mcelroy and Deborah Ann Woll (4a.m. Sunday).

Inclusive Dungeon Design for the Intrepid Adventurer (3a.m. Monday).

Although the event is largely US-based, there are still several Australian and New Zealand Guests including Viva La Dirt League (NZ), Dragon Friends (AUS) and I Speak Giant (AUS).

Throughout the weekend there will plenty of game sessions to participate in. While all the panels are free to attend, regular games will cost around $6.80 AUD to play and the Epic Adventure on Sunday will be $13.60 AUD, with all the money going to their charitable partner, Extra Life.

The Epic Adventure is set up to celebrate the release of new book, Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden, which is available today. The book features the aforementioned Frost Maiden in a shapeshifted form as the cross between an owl and a ram on the cover, which is surely a major selling point. As a shapeshifter, I’m not sure why you would ever be the shape of anything that isn’t a terrifying mashup of two normally cute creatures, but I digress.

The Epic Adventure itself is made more epic by the fact that Wizards of the Coast are trying to hold the largest virtual game of D&D ever. They’re not making it official by inviting the Guinness World Records folks along to witness, but it will give players the chance to be a part of a massive game that’s affected by tables they can’t see. Because, after the year we’ve had, any kind of connection is nice.

Are you planning on going on an adventure this weekend? Any panels you’re excited about?


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