Every Xbox Series X, PS5, Switch And PC Game Releasing In 2020, 2021 And Beyond

Every Xbox Series X, PS5, Switch And PC Game Releasing In 2020, 2021 And Beyond

This year is set to be a killer one for games, with plenty of exciting reveals for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch and PC. Every major platform has something to show. To stay updated, here’s where you’ll find all the new next-gen game announcements and everything you have to look forward to for the rest of the year.

Update: This post has been updated since its original publication. We’ll keep updating this article as more are announced. If the post is slow to load, wait a few seconds — there’s lots of goodness waiting for your eyeballs.

Gamescom 2020

Gamescom kicked off with a bunch of surprises, including an Age of Empires 3 remaster. Here’s everything announced and revealed at the show.

You’ll also find a plethora of other indie adventures and announcements over on IGN’s YouTube page. There’s only so many videos our little article can take.

DC FanDome

DC FanDome revealed new looks at upcoming DC games.

Nintendo Direct Mini: August 2020

A handful of neat-looking indie and AAA titles were revealed in this mini Nintendo Direct. We also got an in-depth look at the Kingdom Hearts rhythmn game.

PlayStation: State of Play, August 2020

PlayStation’s August State of Play presentation revealed a bunch of titles for the PlayStation 4, 5, PSVR and beyond. While many of the games shown off were previously announced, there was also a bunch of surprises, too. All three Hitman games coming to PSVR is certainly welcome, as is the appearance of delightful monster-battler Temtem on PlayStation 5.

A new look at Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time also showed off some brand new and exciting mechanics.

You can check out all the new trailers below.

Surprise Nintendo Announcement!

A surprise post on Twitter confirmed the long-rumoured Pikmin 3 Deluxe Wii U remaster arriving for the Nintendo Switch on October 30. It becomes one of the few first party titles left on Nintendo’s publicly-revealed agenda. Stay tuned for more news.

Xbox Series X / Xbox Games Showcase

The top of the Xbox Series X. (Image: Microsoft)
The top of the Xbox Series X. (Image: Microsoft)

As promised, Microsoft’s July Xbox Games Showcase featured the first look at gameplay from Halo Infinite. We also got a better look at the worlds of FableEverwild, indies like EXOMECHA and Hello Neighbour 2, and quirky titles like Balan Wonderworld.

Devolver Direct

As usual, Devolver Digital spent their yearly showcasing highlighting a bunch of new games in its trademark over-the-top style. Here’s everything you should keep an eye on.

Devolver also showcased new looks at the previously announced Carrion and Fall Guys.

Ubisoft Forward

Ubisoft Forward featured brand new looks at upcoming games like Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, but there were very few actual new game announcements. The headliner here was Far Cry 6 which stars Hollywood favourite, Giancarlo Esposito.

Other PC Games You Might’ve Missed

Not every PC game announced recently has been included in major showcases, so they can be easy to miss. Here’s a bunch of gems you should keep an eye on.

Kill It With Fire is a first person shooter where your target is the spider hiding in your house. It releases on August 14.

Another game you’ll want to keep on your radar is Tabe-O-Ja, an action-cooking game for Nintendo Switch where players using cooking actions to perform deadly attacks. It’s basically Cooking Mama with a bit of Yo-Kai Watch thrown in, which is a god-tier combination. It’s set to launch summer 2020 in Japan — and hopefully it receives a Western release soon after.

Pokémon Presents

Amongst all the June gaming excitement, Pokémon held a surprise Presents to showcase all the upcoming games in the works. While the presentation was short and sweet, it revealed a handful of games including tooth-brushing aid Pokémon Smile and the long-anticipated New Pokémon Snap.

Also announced was a cute matching game called Pokémon Café Mix. You can check out all the news below.

A subsequent showcase the following week revealed upcoming free-to-play online battle game Pokémon Unite. It looks set to be a hit for fans of League of Legends and Dota 2.

Humble Bundle Sizzle Reel

Revealed as part of IGN’s Summer of Gaming event, this sizzle reel shows off a handful of new and epic adventures from the team at Humble Bundle. Roguelike card game Ring of Pain is a highlight here, as is gorgeous adventure Carto. The slick six minute reel shows off a bunch of promising projects.

The Escapist Indie Showcase

The Escapist Indie Showcase was a chance for new and upcoming indies to shine. A whole bunch of trailers were revealed during the show, including a new look at musical adventure, Of Bird and Cage and a load of zen adventures. Unfortunately not all of these trailers are online, but you can catch the entire show and highlights below.

There’s plenty of gems hidden away in The Escapist’s showcase, so it’s well worth checking out the entire show.

PC Gaming Show 2020

Guerilla Collective

The indie-focused showcase led the Sunday morning with some heavy hitting titles: Baldur’s Gate 3 was launching (in early access) very soon, new Dwarf Fortress gameplay, Everspace 2, System Shock Redux and more.

Not all of the trailers have been uploaded separately, but the full streams from the first three days of Guerrilla Collective are below.

Day two of the Guerilla Collective showcase had some real gems, including the stylish boss rush game, Eldest Souls.

Gorgeous, Spore-like space adventure The Eternal Cylinder was another intriguing highlight.

You can check out a bunch of other highlights below, including a surreal skating adventure:

Day three was more of a deep dive into previously announced games, but there were some delightful new titles like hilarious work sim Say No! More. The show also featured new looks at indie hit Boyfriend Dungeon and RTS game, Iron Harvest 2. Check out some highlights below.

PlayStation 5

Sony’s PlayStation 5 line-up was announced mid-June with a bunch of trailers for fantastic-looking games. These included the highly-anticipated Horizon Zero Dawn sequel, a Spider-Man sequel starring Miles Morales and a surprise return for Ratchet and Clank. Here’s every big trailer from the event.

While we’ve seen some of these games before, many of them are new and original properties.

IGN Summer of Gaming Announcements

IGN’s kicked off this month’s game announcements in true style with a bunch of new titles being revealed — including some classic releases on retro pinball machines.

Mortal Shell is an upcoming action RPG that features warriors who can inhabit the bodies of forgotten warriors with incredible abilities. It recieved a slick new gameplay trailer.

Voidtrain will let you take control of an interdimensional train.

The glorious return of SEGA icon Alex Kidd was a surprise reveal at the event with the announcement of Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX, a rework of the classic Master System title.

Metal: Hellsinger is a combined FPS rhythm game with “face-melting metal riffs” that’s sure to be very entertaining.

Chivalry 2 is a medieval warfare sim and sequel to the original 2013 hit.

The Waylanders is a tactical fantasy RPG that takes players through a gorgeous-looking fantasy world.

Beyond Blue is a narrative adventure that lets players explore the ocean and its many inhabitants.

Demon Turf is an intriguing action platformer that makes use of both 2D and 3D graphics for a very unique look.

Werewolf the Apocalypse – Earthblood is based on the Werewolf: The Apocalypse RPG, companion title to Vampire the Masquerade. It’s described as a werewolf action-RPG but the cinematic trailer doesn’t contain any gameplay clues.

Dual Universe is a starship creation and fighting sim where you’ll battle enemy squadrons and manage your wily crew.

Further reveals in mid-June unveiled a handful of new titles, including a Cyanide & Happiness game where you play as “an unpopular ginger” and a Jay and Silent Bob brawler. Check out the brand new trailers:

Day four of IGN’s Summer of Gaming also unveiled some new trailers for games like GungHo Online’s Ninjala and The Forgotten City. You can check these out below.

As IGN’s massive Summer of Gaming continued more titles were also revealed, including stealth VR game, Phantom: Cover Ops which is set to star Solid Snake voice actor David Hayter. You can check out all the reveals and deep dives below.

An additional, pretty neat reveal was that roller coaster sim Planet Coaster will be making its way to consoles on current and next gen.

More Game Reveals

EA also unveiled a fantastic-looking space combat game called Star Wars Squadrons.

You can catch up on all the latest game announcements for 2020 below.

What PS5, Xbox Series X, Switch and PC games are you most excited about?


    • I think it has a monthly subscription model also. I generally don’t subscribe to subscription model games anymore, I don’t like be obligated to play regularly in order to justify the monthly cost.

      • I did notice that in the forum, wasn’t sure if was accurate. That kinda kills my enthusiasm for it.

  • Hmm… SEGA bringing back Alex Kidd in Miracle World this time teaming up with Merge Games I see.
    Well I can see that SEGA is going to continue bringing us more games in that case with the New Games+ Expo coming up later this month as we are due to get some more announcements not just from SEGA but Koei Tecmo NIS America as well as ATLUS because I really want to see ATLUS bring us the original Persona 5.
    I mean sure I’m interested in playing Catherine Full Body on the Nintendo Switch with all the in-game content including the opportunity to play as Joker the Protagonist from Persona 5 that’s coming out next month.
    But I really want to see the original Persona 5 come to Switch and I’m also hoping we’ll get more details on Persona 5 Scramble The Phantom Strikers the Musou RPG game coming to PS4 and Nintendo Switch and when it will be making it’s way to other parts of the world not just Japan and South Korea.

  • I think the best part about the name Xbox Series X is that there are gonna be a bunch of kids out there this Xmas who get the wrong console because their parents cant comprehend Microsofts dumb naming scheme.

    • I really hope its release coincides with an upgrade of their fucking dashboard. I expanded my Game Pass to console to play Nier, lately, and went about trying to get the ‘games with gold’. In the past I’ve been able to find them no worries – there’s a tile with the name right on it – but last week I couldn’t find it for love or money.
      I ended up browsing the xbox subreddit just trying to find where they’re hiding that fucking thing, and every piece of advice past (“It’s in the memberships section!” “No, it’s in the gamepass section!” “No, it’s in the Games With Gold section!” No it’s fucking not it’s an ad for you to subscribe, not a place for you to add the games) did not fucking work. “Just go to the gold tile!” THERE IS NO FUCKING GOLD TILE.
      In the end I was forced to just look up on a website what the games were, then go search for those titles individually, because fuck’s sake, Microsoft.
      I now know that anyone who says the xbone dashboard is the same or better than the playstation dashboard is fucking high, a liar, or has never used both.

  • …and the only one I really want – the Marvel pinball table – will never, ever, ever be available in Australia…

    • Gloomwood has a demo on Steam and I highly recommend you try it if you liked the original Thief. It’s basically Thief with murders instead of stealing. You don’t loot cash, you loot rare and precious bullets to use for when you accidentally fuck up your stealthing through the city.

      The Gloomwood demo made me follow their store page so that I can preorder it the second it puts a price up.

      • “It’s basically Thief with murders instead of stealing.”
        That sounds exactly like my jam. Although I may have appreciated stealing and murdering slightly more. Either way, this went entirely under my radar but I’ll now check it out.

  • Woah, 67 seconds to load this page.

    Looks like I’ll be sticking with the holy trinity of PC, Playstation and Switch for this next round. The Xbox games I want are coming to PC, and I think I’ll put money towards the next generation of graphics cards instead of a new Xbox.

  • meh, all looks like a money farming gimick, until they actually release at decent price and state (ie no money farming dlc), will be waiting until anything interesting is created.

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