Playmobil Is Making The Most Adorable Volkswagens

Playmobil Is Making The Most Adorable Volkswagens
Photo: Playmobil

Coming in 2021 from Zirndorf, Germany’s famous toy company is a pair of iconic Volkswagen rides that translate perfectly to Playmobil style. The Playmobil VW Beetle and the Bulli camper van even come with their own ‘60s and ‘70s era drivers.

Look at those sideburns on the driver of that baby blue Beetle. While we can’t see his whole outfit, I am guessing his pants are larger at the bottom than they are at the top. I feel like I know what the inside of that car smells like, and it is not nice. Pretty sure that dad is a chain-smoker. Likely the mum as well.

The inside of the VW Camper Van probably smells a bit better, depending on your proclivities. Equal parts marijuana and patchouli, I am thinking, judging by the big bushy beard on the driver and the psychedelic pattern on the passenger’s outfit. I wonder if it comes with a tiny plastic bong. If not, there’s always Etsy.

Photo: Playmobil Photo: Playmobil

No word on the pricing of these two classic rides, but knowing Playmobil they’ll likely be slightly cheaper than you’re thinking. I’ll be grabbing them next year because obviously they’ve both brought up childhood memories I’m going to have to deal with. Hooray!

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