PlayStation Plus Collection Will Offer Select PS4 Games On PS5

PlayStation Plus Collection Will Offer Select PS4 Games On PS5
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PlayStation 5 users will have access to a subscription service known as PlayStation Plus Collection, today’s showcase revealed. It will provide a wide variety of PlayStation 4 games on the new console. In a blog post, Sony revealed it would be folded into the cost of the base PlayStation Plus service.

In the blog post, Sony stated: “The PS Plus Collection will be an added benefit to the existing PS4 benefits that PS Plus members receive for a single subscription price.”

While no additional subscription price was mentioned, it’s more than likely this means the cost of PlayStation Plus will be going up for everyone. Stay tuned for news on this front.

Some of the available games shown include God of War, The Last Guardian, Bloodborne, Persona 5, and Resident Evil VII, with upgraded visuals and performance courtesy of the PlayStation 5 hardware.

PlayStation Plus Collection will be available at launch.


  • Was it confirmed all of these games would have upgraded visuals and performance? I thought they just might be playable in PS4 mode or whatever.

    • I’m curious about this as well – I did see on this site somewhere that it stated updated visuals/performance…but it doesn’t seem that well covered. With the lack of launch titles, I’m mainly getting one to upgrade the performance of my current games.

      • That’s me. Exclusives aren’t really exciting to me, but they don’t need to be. My current machine isn’t flying as fast as it used to – whether because it’s degraded or the games are demanding too much. Either way, the new machine is going to fulfil a need for me, and shiny new shit to go with it is just a bonus. I still have a backlog to run, and I’d rather be doing it on the faster hardware.

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