Pokemon Go Is Cutting Support For Old iPhones, Android Devices

Pokemon Go Is Cutting Support For Old iPhones, Android Devices
Image: Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is still one of the world’s most popular games, but that popularity might be about to take a small dent. Developers Niantic have announced that they’ll be sunsetting support for older Android devices and iPhones in an upcoming patch.

The patch, announced via a tweet below, will mean all iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 phones, and anything running Android 5, iOS 10 or iOS 11 will no longer be able to play the Pokemon AR game. It’s not known when precisely the October patch will drop.

Of all the times to sunset a large swathe of devices, there’s never a good time. From the game’s perspective, the midst of a global pandemic means less people are moving around. But it’s also a global recession, which makes it a lot harder for anyone effected to upgrade.

There’s cheap enough devices running iOS 12 and much newer versions of Android, of course. Most Apple users are on iOS 13 or 14 these days, and everything from an iPhone 6S up works with iOS 13. Upgrading to an iPhone 7 today will cost you at least $500 at retail, although that price will fall much further with sale periods and refurbished models.

For the vast majority of gamers and Pokemon Go fans, this shouldn’t be a problem. But if you know someone — perhaps an family member on a hand-me-down phone — who’s just using Pokemon Go to kill time on an ancient device, this is a handy PSA.


  • At least the progress is tied to a migratory account and not the hardware itself.

    It is a reminder, however, of the trade-offs of live service games. We gain functionality and connectivity… we lose permanence and control/ownership.

  • For the love of god can you guys stop embedding videos that have no relation to the game in the article smack bang in the middle? It’s frustrating to wait for it to buffer on my phone only to realise it was a complete waste of timr

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