Project xCloud Could Be Arriving In Australia As Early As 2021

Project xCloud Could Be Arriving In Australia As Early As 2021
Image: Microsoft
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Microsoft’s game streaming service Project xCloud is rolling out in select regions around the world. Australia’s not a part of the initial launch, but we may not have to wait long for the service to arrive on our shores. In a response to Twitter user SkillUpYT, Xbox CEO Phil Spencer confirmed the service was currently undergoing testing with local teams for a planned 2021 launch.

If you’re not familiar with the service, Project xCloud is a game streaming service enabling Xbox Game Pass Ultimate users to stream games to their mobile and tablet devices via cloud-based data centres. It does require a solid internet connection and this is likely part of the reason why Australia’s launch has been delayed. On the Xbox Game Streaming hub, there’s a reccomendation for at least 5GHz Wi-Fi or mobile data connection with 10Mps down.

In the years since cloud gaming began entering the mainstream conversation, Australia’s internet has improved greatly, but even with this progress we’re still ranked as having the fourth slowest internet among other developing countries. It’s for this reason we often miss out on great services like Project xCloud and PlayStation Now (still yet to launch, all these years later).

You will need to be an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate member to access the service, but it comes as a free add-on to Ultimate membership, which will set you back $15.95 a month. For access to over 100 titles (the Xbox Game Pass line-up genuinely is mind-boggling) including brand new releases on Windows PC and Xbox One/Series X/S, it’s great value and well worth the price of entry.

The arrival of Project xCloud’s game streaming add-on in Australia would be icing on a very tasty Xbox cake.

Project xCloud is currently available in North America, Europe and South Korea with further launches planned across the following months and years. Stay tuned for news of its eventual Australian release — it may be sooner than we all think.


  • I’d be happy with just the streaming from console option if that’s all they could manage with our old copper pipes.

    It’d save me having to buy Slay The Spire on android 🙂

    • Well it seems to have been relatively stealth launched amidst everything else but the Xbox Beta App actually allows you to do that since a couple of days ago. Been getting some sneaky Gears on the bus, and a few weird looks.

  • Having been using the FTTP NBN for 9 months now, its worse than the cable I was using in Texas back in 2010. I greatly doubt that game streaming would work well in a household with multiple people who are all net savvy and doing their own things.

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