PS5, Xbox Series X Preorders From EB Games Will Require A $200 Deposit

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You can set up the PS5 vertically or horizontally. (Photo: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

If you want to preorder the PS5 or Xbox Series X at launch in Australia, it seems like you’ll have to fork over a heavy deposit.

Local Aussies Press Start reported Wednesday evening that EB Games will be requiring $200 deposits for any Xbox Series X or PS5 preorders. That’s a good move for Australia: the high price should at least cut down on scalping, something we’ve seen plenty of this year already.

As an added note, EB won’t be accepting pre-orders in store either. Orders will be restricted to one per customer, which isn’t a surprise given all the talk of supply issues so far this year, but also the anticipation around the next-gen launch.

It’s still not known what other retailers, such as JB Hi-Fi, Kogan, The Gamesmen and other online stockists like Amazon will be doing regarding deposits, or whether they’ll be following EB’s lead in taking online orders only. I imagine it’ll be down to the customer management system for each retailer.

Preorders for consoles usually don’t go live until the actual price of the console has been announced, something both companies have been stubbornly refusing to release for a while. I can’t imagine EB, JB Hi-Fi, Amazon and such have been thrilled about the cat and mouse game between Sony and Microsoft. That said, with the Xbox Series S blinking first.

And with word starting to leak about how retailers are handling pre-orders, it’s clear that a proper reveal can’t be too far away. I’d eat my hat — well, let’s go for munching on a beanie instead — if we got into October without having an official price for the Xbox Series X and the PS5.

As always, we’ll keep you posted as more info comes to light.


  • Great, so our ability to get a new console will come down to whether eb games can keep their site functioning long enough?!

    I wonder if the ‘expressions of interests’ they asked for get honoured In the order you signed up. Like I know they won’t but it would be nice to think getting a new console won’t be like trying to beat a ticketek-onsale styled mini-game.

  • Another good reason to ignore console until backwards compatibility is 100%, physical console actually looks good and a reasonable price is shown.

  • No in store preorders? Whaaat.

    My kids traded a whole bunch of their current gen games recently and asked family for EB gift cards so they could go in and order a PS5 when pre-orders go live. They’ve got about $200 trade credit already in store and $200 worth of gift vouchers ready to go.

    If EB aren’t going to let you order in store (which seems frankly bizarre), do they let you use trade credit and gift cards online?!

    • @maffrew this would be a good one to reach out about to validate that their web team has captured this as a requirement. It may be cutting it fine though to add this to whatever project they’re putting together to make this work.

      Worst case scenario you may have to pony up the initial cash to cover the deposit and then have the vouchers etc pay off the rest.

      • So I dropped into my local store and the lady in there said you pony up the $200 cash deposit online to secure the console but you can still select Click & Collect, have it sent to your store and then pay as much of the remainder as you want with trade credit or gift cards. That’s what my store were saying today anyway and that scenario is not too bad I think.

  • Seems crazy they aren’t accepting pre orders already, maybe Sony and MS had words with them. They were fine with me pre ordering a Switch 23 months before it came out.

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