A RTX 3080 20GB GPU Is Coming, And More RTX 3090 Benchmarks Leak

A RTX 3080 20GB GPU Is Coming, And More RTX 3090 Benchmarks Leak

If you looked at Nvidia’s RTX 3080 GPU and thought, “That’s nice, but I’d really prefer something with more than 10GB of RAM,” then you’ll enjoy knowing that a RTX 3080 20GB model is coming.

One of Nvidia’s partner companies, GALAX — which have some of the cheapest RTX 3080 models in Australia — has inadvertently had their roadmap for future Nvidia RTX cards leaked online. The roadmap includes a 20GB SKU of the RTX 3080, which isn’t hugely surprising given the gulf in memory between the RTX 3080 and 3090 cards.

What’s real interesting, however, is that there’s supposedly a new unannounced SKU between the RTX 3070 — which Nvidia pitched as a superior card to the RTX 2080 Ti in their original reveal — and the RTX 3080:

rtx 3080 20gb
Image: Reddit

The running suspicion online, and painfully obvious scenario, is that the new model will be Nvidia’s response to whatever AMD releases with Big Navi. It’s unclear just precisely how well AMD’s flagship GPU will be able to compete with the RTX 3080 or the RTX 3090. But AMD CEO Dr Lisa Su has regularly suggested this year that they’ll have a high-end GPU for 4K gaming, and so it’s pretty likely that the RTX 3070, 3080 and all the price segments in between are going to become heavy battlegrounds.

The roadmap also confirms an RTX 3060 as well, which isn’t a huge surprise since Nvidia always has an entry-level SKU. Going off the timings from the RTX 20 series launch, we’ll probably see that card sometime in Q1 2021, particularly given the amount of supply and demand issues around the RTX 3080 and AMD’s expected competition.

On the RTX 3090 front — which launches late tonight Australian time — some more benchmarks have leaked, or at least official performance slides. These ones popped up on Videocardz, and come from Nvidia’s presentation deck outlining the RTX 3090’s performance delta in productivity workloads vs the TITAN RTX.

rtx 3090
Image: Videocardz

According to the leaked details, Nvidia will be pitching the RTX 3090 as 10 to 15 per cent better in 4K gaming than the RTX 3080. That largely tracks with some of the benchmarks that found their way onto YouTube earlier this week, although those were more between 7 per cent and 10 per cent. My suspicion is that you’ll see a fairly wide range — some games will be closer to 5 per cent, others closer to 15 per cent, and a whole chunk will be somewhere in the middle. It just depends on what you’ll be playing.

Still, it does outline really that unless you’re specifically playing a game at 8K or money is genuinely no object, the RTX 3090 really isn’t the value for money purchase. Nvidia are pushing the 8K gaming angle a bit more, so there should be a decent amount of coverage of that when reviews drop late tonight.

If you do have the cash, or you’re working in things like V-Ray, Blender and other workloads that would genuinely take advantage of a 24GB video card, here’s how you can get your hands on one of the RTX 3090 cards. Mwave are the only retailer in Australia with the Founders Edition models, but most Aussie retailers will have some AIB models from tonight.

Don’t expect the prices to be cheap: I’m hearing some of the top-end RTX 3090 models will cost over $3000. Get those wallets ready.

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