Meet The RTX 3080 Australia Community Tracker

Meet The RTX 3080 Australia Community Tracker
Image: Kotaku Australia

People are keen for some gaming upgrades and the RTX 3080 is no exception. And what do gamers do when they’re forced to wait? Make spreadsheets.

A group of incredibly keen folk from the Whirlpool forums have put together an incredible set of Google Sheets and Data Studio reports for Australians trying to get their hands on RTX 3080 cards so far. The data, which you can view here and here, is remarkably detailed. (Thanks to lockrobster for the tip, too!)

People have contributed their order details, what cards they’re buying, what stores they’re buying it from, when the orders were placed, when they were fulfilled and what, if any, ETA dates have been provided.

According to the data, Aussies have spent at least $520,000 on RTX 3080 cards to date, with PLE Computers being the biggest beneficiary. Their move to sell RTX 3080 branded cards closer to the RRP has absolutely paid off, with at least 229 cards sold — over $284,000 alone — according to the submitted data.

Image: Google Sheets

The Data Studio version is even prettier, as Data Studio often is. It just visualises the same info in a cleaner way, easily highlighting what stores are generally the most expensive (Computer Alliance in this case) and what RTX 3080 models are the most popular.

It also helps track how many RTX models are available in Australia right now. There’s 23, in case you were wondering, although that number should soar later this week when the RTX 3090 becomes available.

Image: Data Studio

You can’t really say ZOTAC’s undercutting the market when the ZOTAC Trinity is basically the same price as the RTX 3080 Founders Edition, but the move has absolutely paid off for them and PLE Computers here. PLE had the largest range of “cheap” RTX 3080 models in my round-up of the major retailers, and unsurprisingly Australians have flocked to the WA retailer in droves.

What’s interesting is how few Australians have gotten their cards so far. According to the data submitted, only 5 regular Aussies (as in, not those involved in the press/review cycle) have gotten an RTX 3080 card. A few more orders are due to be fulfilled by today.

It’s actually fascinating looking at the order list and when people are expected to get their cards, versus when they were actually ordered:

Image: Google Sheets

I know it’s incredibly granular and a bit particular, but the way everyone bands together like this to build their own tools and trackers is genuinely one of the most inspiring things about the gaming community. Google Sheets and Data Studio isn’t particularly new as an innovation — if you work in media, you basically live with the two things 24/7. But seeing everyone come together and contribute is what’s brilliant about it. And I can guarantee the stores themselves will be fascinated by the data — and you can bet your bottom dollar that there’s going to be some quickfire pricing adjustments off the back of this once everyone realises how hard PLE has been smashing the competition.

Good job, everyone. Check out the data for yourself here.


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