‘Shop Contest: Talk Like A Pirate Day, Winners!

Image: RichardRae1
Image: RichardRae1

Last week, I asked you folks to create some pirate-themed images so we would be ready for today, which is Talk Like A Pirate Day. Sometimes I plan these things out!

Our winning image this week comes from Richardrae1 who shows us why Doom’s demons are better off staying on Mars.

Image: See above

Wait..just a second. *Clears throat.*

Arr, you all be doing such-a fine job of things this week, I mights even say you deserve some medals. So‘n the spirit of being kinder than the ol’pirates of yesteday’s waters, I be sharing some award with’ya bastards down below.

And as always, you can sail on o’er here to take a gander at all of last week’s entries. Arr, be careful over in those waters, for their be Sonics a’plenty. More sonics than any one man be needin’, if you ask me.

Yoda's Neglected Brother be winning a medal for this one. (Image: See above)
Neuroplastique best not walk the plank goofy stanced. (Image: See above)
PCDania should get a bigger boat before they be shark huntin. (Image: See above)
Shindeiru sent a pirate to get a pirate, a worthy plan! (Image: See above)
sciteach be creating art over, aye. (Image: See above)
Mrichston creates the perfect crewmate: A barrel of rum! Yarh! (Image: See above)
C.J. Emerson shares a drawing of the deadliest pirate I eva mets! (Image: See above)
Cecil Banon should walk the plank for his past crimes! (Image: See above)
Greased Scotsman be asking about love on a battlefield and I be telling them I donst know. (Image: See above)
And finally, Bob The Rock will be thrown in the brig for this nasty bit o' work they be sharing with us all. (Image: See above)

That’s it for this week’s contest! If your creation didn’t win, don’t worry! There’s always tomorrow when I’ll be back with a new ‘Shop Contest.

And check out all our previous winners here!


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