System Shock’s Cyberspace Is One Hell Of A Trip

System Shock’s Cyberspace Is One Hell Of A Trip
Image: Night Dive Studios

Night Dive’s System Shock Remastered has been in the works for a while. And perhaps the area that’s gotten the most significant uplift from the original game is cyberspace.

The developers premiered a video this week highlighting cyberspace for the first time, showcasing what the game’s visualisation of their internet (or intranet?) looks like. In short, Night Dive’s basically rebuilt a convincing little version of Descent or Terminal Velocity, with the player basically navigating through a series of small, neon-lit corridors.

The 6-degrees-of-freedom gameplay isn’t new for the original System Shock, although for anyone who grew up thinking of System Shock as System Shock 2, then this might seem like a radical departure. But it works! The music’s absolutely excellent, which totally helps.

If you needed a refresher, this is what cyberspace looked like in the original game — or at least the Enhanced Version, which runs at a nicer frame rate and is a bit easier to follow.

And here’s where Night Dive are going for their System Shock remake. It’s a hell of a lot easier to parse visually, and hopefully less headache inducing for most people.

Plus, and I know I’ve mentioned it before, but that music is killer for the setting.

The System Shock remake is supposedly still due out this year, although with COVID and how everything’s unfolded, I’d still be expecting a 2021 release. Either way, you can muck around with the Alpha demo over at GOG or Steam.

The studio’s certainly keeping themselves busy. Even if System Shock Remastered does launch this year, Night Dive also have Strife: Veteran Edition hitting the Switch soon, an enhanced version of the Blade Runner adventure game, and the remasters of SiN and Kingpin, all out next year.


  • Its been amusing me reading the commentary around the net that hacking is them doing Descent, when the original System Shock predates Descent by a year.

    Watching the video, it looks like an upgrade with moving from wireframe to the solid looking world. At the same time, with the openness of it, I could see it being a lot more confusing to navigate and easier to get lost in. Hopefully it won’t be as empty in the final version.

    Hacking and cyberspace was one of the areas that made the original system shock stand apart from and above its sequel.

    • Descent was the much more popular game, so i guess a lot more people are going to be familiar with descent when it comes to describing an experience they know. The only game I’ve seen recently that has anything like this is probably the zero G parts of Prey.

      This looks great. I’m really glad i kickstarted it and I’m looking forward to it.

      • Same. I’m glad that they refocused back on doing a proper remake of the original. I do wonder how that’ll affect some of the stretch goals that were unlocked since they haven’t really spoken in that in the KS updates.

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