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  • Not a fan of the comments section, would like to see notifications when someone replies and be able to see comment history.

    Also the way the comment chain moves so far over to the right until it’s basically one word per line is annoying to read.

      • Love the removal of upvotes and downvotes Alex. Bold decision and I love it

        Can we also have the edit button back and it not put people into auto moderation. That would be a dream come true if the dudes behind the scenes made that happen

          • What about keeping the upvotes and just removing the downvotes? It’d still be good to be able to acknowledge funny/good comments without having to add a ‘great comment!’ comment.

          • @cffndncr because up and down votes are just a pure popularity contest from a small self-selected group. They are virtually never used to say anything other than that you agree with what the poster is saying. How well thought out, well argued or funny a post is has proven over and over again to be completely irrelevant to a post’s ability to attract thumbs.

    • As for the up vote/down vote an easy solution would be not getting put into moderation for to many down votes.

      • You can comment on all the articles – just not ones shared from Gizmodo, because Gizmodo doesn’t have comments. But we’re working on that (and it’s definitely not anywhere close to half the articles, it’s more like one-two a day).

        • Would be nice to have the repost from tag or header back for those by the way..

          It would save me the trouble of trying to find comments after the flood of ads only to scroll to the next article!

          • Goal – or what I’d like at least – is to just have comments enabled when they’re posted here, as well as the repost/shared by tag on the river as well.

            Some others have mentioned the comments thing too – I think that could be helped if jumping to the comments takes you to the first comment, rather than the comments box. But that’s something we’d need to test to make sure the UX is actually better.

        • Oh yeah…. nested comment replies seem to be stuck at 4tth one as well… sorta limits the replies/discussions!

          Like i cant reply to your reply below!

          • They’re not. We had a couple of issues with the syndication system so I had to manually shove it through the pipe so people didn’t get a redirect error – but that stops comments when I do that.

            Very frustrating and annoying but comments aren’t intentionally shut down. Just working through new system still.

  • I’m sure everyone has an opinion on how the website redesign has turned out so pivoting away from that, what’s everyone’s thought on Person 4 Golden on PC?

  • I do not like review bombing but I can see where some of the fans are coming from. I loved the first game, bought the collectors edition for part 2 and have roughly played around 10 hours of the story so far and all I can say from what i’ve played is that the story is pretty bad as compared to the first game, the gameplay is terrific and probably better than the first game, I enjoy the stealth sections of the game and have been in some pretty intense battles but the story just brings it down a lot for me.

    I have seen some of the leaks and I am not looking forward to playing the second half of the game where I have to play as I character I know I just cannot learn to sympathize with but I will give it a chance and ride it out until the end and see how it goes. Other than those points I’ve been enjoying the game so far and love playing as Ellie

  • This new design makes it feel like my eyes are bleeding without dark mode.

    Am I missing it somewhere, not to mention other features like notifications? Because either I did or someone dropped the ball in numerous ways with this redesign that is missing features that have been standard for years now.

    • Honestly, I’ll take having to re-sign in like 10 times a day, the broken comments section, the mixed up filing of everything to “in real life” on random days, the weird layout that seems to put stories out of chronological order, absolutely no consistency between how many columns there are on the page, the ad content being very difficult to discern from the real content… all of it. I’ll take it all.

      Just give me back dark mode.

  • Some opinions would be greatly appreciated. I’m about to be in the market for a new PC, the one I currently have is a friend’s that I had on an extended loan. I have no interest in building my own PC, I don’t get enjoyment from putting it together, nor do I get satisfaction of a job well done. I’m looking at purchasing a prebuilt PC from PCCaseGear, but I’m not too sure how much different an $1800 set up is from a $1500 one. Is unworthy splashing out a little extra cash? Also, if there’s anywhere else people would recommend I look, I’m all ears.
    (It’s worth mentioning that I dont really care that much for the highest quality graphics, as long as performance runs stable).

    • No complaints against PCCaseGear, used them a few times with good turn around on shipping, etc. But Centrecom is another site I use myself.

      I can build PCs myself just fine, sometime I just really don’t want to. I have used Centrecom’s system builder to put pieces together and have them build it so I don’t have to bother, but knowing what parts I want put in and why helps massively.

      However, the prebuilt systems I see on PCCaseGear I typically don’t like.

      They usually have several hundred dollar markups on just buying the parts separately. And no decent computer store or tech is going to charge you several hundred dollars just to put a system together if you bring them the parts.

    • What games are you looking to play?
      What resolution are you looking to play at?
      Do you want something that will last 10+ years and is easy to upgrade?

    • Personally I bought a second-hand PC on Gumtree a few months back. I understand warranty etc. might be a worry for you if you’re not the tinkering type though, so it may not be for you. If you do go that route though you should be able to get a really solid deal that’ll offer a lot more performance / storage / a better case / a better PSU etc. for the same ammount.

      When it comes to where it might be worth spending a little extra I’d say it really depends on what you’re after, but against conventional wisdom I’d recommend putting a little extra into your case – it’s the part you’ll physically interact with all the time and a lack of USB 3.0 ports on the front IO or poor ventilation will be much more frustrating long term than say a slightly slower processor IMO. That said probably don’t chimp out on the CPU either. I’d look at only shaving off cost around parts that are easily replaced – once you’ve got your Mobo, CPU and case they’re probably staying put until your next full PC, but dropping in some more RAM, storage or a new GPU is pretty easy. It may sound like those are the parts you should spend more on, but those are the ones that will age more noticeably more quickly than the others and are much more likely to be replaced down the line. If you do intend on upgrading as you go these are the parts I’d recommend spending a bit less on – while at the time the difference between a GTX760 and GTX770 might have seemed worth the cost 5 years down the line both would be starting to show their age in a pretty similar way. A little note here – If you’re going with an AMD CPU don’t buy slow RAM – you can safely cheap out on RAM with an Intel CPU, but much of the performance in AMD’s latest CPUs has close ties to the speed of your RAM. Not all 16GB kits are made equal, check the MHz of the kits you’re looking at if you’re going for a Ryzen CPU.

      If you are playing at 1080p though you have a wealth of options, most graphics cards now are targetting 1440p, so you should have quite a bit of headroom for decent performance on most modern mid-range cards. I’d just have a look at lists of the best value GPUs and pick the ones that bet suit your needs.

  • Only just upgraded to a 1920 p monitor and only be getting anything better than that for quite a while.

    Exclusively play solo games (they tend the gravitate towards the indie side, I see the “made in Unity” logo quite often), the highest end game I’d like to be able to run right now is Control, .

    Preferably I’d like something that will last me a decent stretch of time (I’m also going to try and keep on top of upgrading and replacing parts gradually instead of waiting until I need a whole new system).

    • Something based around the 3300X and an affordable entry/mid-range GPU would be perfect:

      3300X + B250 motherboard
      Cheap 16GB RAM
      2x SSDs
      Radeon RX 5500XT
      $100-150 on the case, $100-150 on the PSU

      Could do it for around $1000-1200, I’d reckon. Would need to just double check on Part Picker. Could probably even ask the place you buy it from to build the parts for you for a bit of an extra fee – but that’d still be better than buying a pre-built machine, and you’ll get much better value.

  • I’m slowly getting used to this new layout. I still have some complaints – I really don’t like the infinite content when opening an article, mainly because when I drag the scroll bar down the comments, I find myself in another article, every single time. And some articles still have comments disabled.

    I apologise if my previous, heavily negative comments caused any headaches. I know you guys behind the scenes are trying your hardest to make things all nice and modern or whatever. Eventually we’ll get there.

    Ps: bring back dark mode k thnx

      • Yeah I’ve had several instances where I’m scrolling down to check on the comment section only to have it skip to the next article below.

    • I suspect the remaining articles with comments disabled are ones that would have shown up as “Gizmodo reposts” under the old design, such as comics related stories from James Whitbrook.

      I haven’t seen anything claiming to be a repost under the new design, and no Gizmodo stories have comments these days.

      • Its that or the comments section didnt load in between all the ads and next article.

        Ive kept scrolling many a time to the comments and realise its comments for next article.. reloaded page and viola comments!

        Just a tad obnoxious that the ads load faster then the actual comments

    • Also I have major concerns what this infinite scroll loading is doing to my mobile data… its not very friendly for Australian mobile data caps.

  • Hey folks – long time no see!

    Seems like the site went through another overhaul? Not really digging all the extra ads taking up room, the infinite scrolling, and the lack of dark mode, but apparently those of us living overseas can comment without using a VPN now, so that’s nice!

  • Heads up for the folks who are interested: The Steam indie festival with its time-limited demos finished up yesterday, and many (not all! Keep playing!) of the demos which may have been installed were instead replaced with links to ‘purchase’ instead of ‘play’.

    However… if you uninstall those demos and re-visit the store page, you will probably find that those store pages now have ‘different’ demos up and available to play! Also, not all. Some of them were just slow taking down their download links. HURRY UP!

    Doing this I was able to get to a couple games that I had missed out on, and absolutely would’ve been worse off for not experiencing.

    Games like: Chinatown Detective Agency which I am now beyond hyped for. (Even though it’s only coming in 2021.) If anyone ever played the old classic Carmen Sandiego improvement, Gumboots Australia, it’s a lot like that, combined with an adventure game control system, and the Investigation Mission components of The Secret World MMO. Like… the game presents you with open-ended clues and puzzles, and expects you to do your own google research on how to find the answer.

    Eg: “Here’s a picture of an old stamp. Find out where it came from, book a flight there with the in-game app, then deliver the stamp to where it came from.” That’s it. That’s your clue. So you go into google looking up the stamp to find out where it was issued, and the cancellation stamp to find out where it was used, and figure out the time period that the stamp was issued to figure out what the city on the stamp is now currently called! BRILLIANT.

    …Sorry if you didn’t play it, though, because the demo got taken down this morning.

  • Lockdown part 2 begins.

    Fellow Melburnians, let’s game away the next 6 weeks.

    Started TLoU part 2. Still very early, it’s extended tutorial and establishing characters. Loving it so far.

    Been playing some Division 2 also, enjoying the seasonal stuff.

    All my games seem to be bloody pandemic related though. My pile of shame’s got Days Gone in it too. D’oh.

    • Ooohh, what’re you playing Division 2 on?
      I picked it up cheap on PC and have been plowing through it, could be fun to run some missions together!

  • I finally got around to playing Breath of the Wild last night and I’m very impressed with it.

    It’s only 15gb and somehow has really nice looking textures, much nicer lighting than I would’ve expected from the Switch, short load times, good framerates and decent draw distance.

    It also ditched the infuriating Nintendo hand holding. I’ve already solved several puzzles completely unsure if that was the intended solution or if I used the rules of the world to make my own solution. The emergent stuff that’s already coming from the mechanics really amazes me. I can’t believe Nintendo made this, tbh.

      • It really encourages you to just play around with stuff and see what happens. Which means some of the puzzlers are pretty obtuse unless you have that moment where you think “I wonder if it’ll let me do this”. Emergent systems are like crack to me so I’m having a great time just seeing what happens when I try stuff.

        I set a bunch of stuff on fire and then used the glider to fly over it. The heat pushed me up in the air.
        I scared fish towards the shore while swimming and they panicked enough to beach themselves.
        I killed a boar from stealth and the mokoblins ran over to the meat and started eating it. It put them in the path of a tree I had cut down, so I pushed it down the hill and squished them all.
        There was an annoying puzzle where I had to use motion controls to roll a ball through a maze. I flipped the controller over to flip the maze and just used the underside to give me a flat board.

        And it’s got a whole lot of really absurd humour, too.

        • Zelda has always had weird humour sprinkled throughout it. But boy did most of those shrines make me feel stupid

          • Yeah the whole game is just full of these moments where you think “I wonder if I could… OH SHIT IT WORKS”

            You kinda have to unlearn the mindset of videogame systems and think about things in a holistic way.

    • the lack of reply notifications hampers things… that and the constant need to log into the website but that just might be my edge settings

      • Indeed. Also, the removal of thumbs reduces the incentive to troll around for thumb wars to pile in on, reducing the incentive for repeat visits to the same articles.

  • I’m 38, and have Agoraphobia to the degree that I live on a disability pension.
    Yesterday, having been too anxious to ever attempt it in my life, I got my P plates.

    I’m writing this here, because you’re my community, and I don’t remember the last time I felt proud of myself.

    I hope every single one of you and everyone you care about have an AWESOME day.

    • Holy shit. That is awesome mate! Congratulations, that is such a huge thing and that’s going to do enormous things for your day to day life.

      Fucking well done, truly.

      • Thanks heaps Alex, I’ve been reading Kotaku for YEARS, anxiety keeps me from commenting too often though.
        I know you guys often cop a lot of flack in the comments, but I truly enjoy all of the output you guys do, even if it’s opinions I don’t agree with (Don’t we all have those?), so, thanks.
        I’d love to be able to write about the things I love for a living, even if it’s a sh*tload of hardwork… just no outside and crowds lol.

    • I read agoraphobia and for some reason thought arachnophobia and then wondered how the heck you were encountering so many spiders that was impacting you to that level.
      I read the rest and realised I was an idiot =P Congratulations. It’s a huge step to being independent. Hopefully, it’s the boost you need right now =D

    • That one’s a republishing issue — happens when I force a story through syndication (because it’s taking too damn long) and then it republishes a duplicate afterwards. It’s a bit annoying, but the devs are working on all the back end quirks with that right now.

  • Has anyone played legend of Legacy on 3DS? I had bought it but never actually played it. Just started it yesterday.

  • So rather random.. i figured I would check that sponsored “which cpu to get for a gaming pc” which suggested cpus for budget, medium and all out Gizmodo article..

    It starts out fine suggesting an i5-9400f which is a decent cheap cpu… but then for medium it recommends.. an i5 8400?! Really? Never mind that its locked and an older gen cpu… its performance is either the same if sometimes lower than the 9400f for the same price you can get an i5-9600k… same cores and higher base clock speeds.. seriously wtf…

      • PC partspicker has always been a good resource for me. I do my usual browse the net and youtube for comparisons and bang it on partspicker to check for issues.

        I was just utterly gobsmacked that an article that was this recent (it was published on june) would even recommend an intel series 8 cpu for “mid range” for the intel portion and basically copy and paste the same thing from the previous paragraph except say oh it has more cores and threads so its better… even though the base clock is woefully lower than the “budget” option.

        I dont expect full in depth info on a small article like that but for what is supposed to be a tech article on a tech site this is almost on par with the infamous the verge build… it’s only marginally better because the budget suggestion was good and the high end suggestion was reasonable.

          • Actually that was the thing… the AMD auggestions on the article were decent and showed a proper progession on the Ryzen series..

            The intel choices was the one were i had to do a double take and think are they serious with this suggestion? =P

  • Hey Kotaku Au.

    I don’t like to ask for this given all the work you’ve been doing to get the new design up and running, but I feel it needs to be said.

    Please either remove the comments or moderate them more harshly. I like reading the content, but the absolute garbage fire that is your community right now sucks. I initially joined because it was the only comments section on a games related that didn’t immediately give me anxiety issues, but recently they’ve been an issue with the sorts of comments Kotaku is getting now. It’s actively ruining what I like about this site and this isn’t the way it used to be.

    Alternatively remove comments as an option from articles you know will incite the mess that any vaguely political article garners. Kotaku Au is not the community I thought it was any more, it’s full of vile, hateful garbage and I think it’s only getting worse. The bad actors that have long been here have been growing in numbers and some of the stuff I’ve seen from them is stuff I don’t think people would have been able to get away with in the past.

    I love Kotaku, but increasingly I’m not sure why I do anymore, and I don’t think the content is what changed. The tagline to TAY used to be true, or at least it felt like it was, but “the friendliest gaming community on the web” tagline just sounds like a joke now.

    • That’s fair. I think there’s always been a complication for me in that I’ve never wanted to be heavy handed with moderation. But that works better with support – and more time too, which has been harder in the last two years with everything.

      And iso certainly hasn’t made it easier. For anyone.

      There needs to be a sizeable rewrite of what the community guidelines are – and definitely a different approach set so the conversations being had are ones that add to people’s day, not detract.

      • Thanks for the reply, and apologies if I sounded harsh or made any unfair comments. I don’t blame anyone at Kotaku given current events, and I can certainly understand why any heavy moderation is uncomfortable – I don’t envy that role at all, especially when you’re doing it on a weekend.

        Thanks for all the work you’re doing 🙂

      • It sure is hard to justify the “the friendliest gaming community on the web” tag-line. This site runs a strong social-justice suite of articles, which makes it especially jarring when one pans down to the comment section only to be bombarded with the usual RWNJ ‘culture wars’ tripe. It’s hardly inclusive or welcoming. It doesn’t help that the apparent sole purpose of more than a few of the usual suspects (@djbear I’m looking at you) seems to literally be slinging a constant stream of one-line abusive messages that contributes nothing other than stoking the dumpster-fire.

        • Let’s not ignore Worritos role in this. He hasn’t made a single comment that isn’t aggressive or rudely referring to people he disagrees with. He’s every bit as vile and unconducive to reasonable conversation as Burnside was. It’s not just about “left and right”.

          • Something I’ve looked at a lot is some of the Ycombinator/Hacker News approach, where the standard policy is (paraphrasing): does this move the conversation forward or leave it in a productive place?

            I don’t think it’s right to have something that basically culls all shitposts or jokes from a comment thread — you’d lose a bit of soul by doing that. But there’s definitely something to flat out cutting posts that just relitigate arguments from old threads, or just unnecessarily nitpick and drag people into a shit fight.

            At the end of the day, it’s all basically leading to a harsher moderation policy — and from lived experience and the experience of a lot of other places, that may be the only way to really curate a place that is as welcoming as Kotaku Australia was, and what I’d like it to remain to be.

          • I think most of us would welcome that, really. More thought out explanations and rationale behind discussion and less “group I hate is bad” would go a long way.

            The funny thing in all this is, we all have a list of names, right? The usual suspects who bicker back and forth, with their opposing ideologies and such. I’m not going to pretend I’m not amongst those names. But anyway, these names and people – I feel like despite all the arguing over the months and years, for the most part, they are a good bunch.
            Even people I’ve clashed with in the past, like Angora or Pokedad, I know that outside of comment sections they’re surely good, fun folk. The guys they clash with, people like Simocrates and m2d2, I highly doubt they’re they evil that they often get painted with.
            Even Ody, with his bizarre fixation on conservatives, you know he means well.

            I think that Kotaku AU is still a good group of people. It’s just that don’t tend to agree with each other when it comes to politically charged topics. Maybe some firmer moderation will allow this goodness to shine through more.

      • I dont envy your job on this Alex…

        Whilst most of us here at au comments can be fairly level headed the articles themselves WILL however lead to a lot of caustic discussions because of the way politics is insanely divided right now and you cant avoid those articles..

        And a little walk in my shoes for a minute attitude is very hard nowadays..

          • Let’s not get confused by the idea that all views are equally debateable simply because someone feels a need to debate them.

            Constantly questioning human rights (just as constantly questioning climate science) whenever the topic arises is microaggression, regardless of how measured the actual posts are themselves. Constantly questioning whether alleged victims of harassment and discrimination are actually victims is just plain abuse, regardless of how ‘measured’ the actual post is.

            Adding comments such as ‘yawn’, references to ‘virtue signalling’, simple dismissal of certain US-based authors and content, it’s all abuse even if the poster is not actually swearing, and it’s inviting others to go down the rabbit hole of defending content that Kotaku AU doesn’t always show a lot of apparent interest in defending itself.

            The very fact that nearly every single time these issues come up in an article one or all of the usual suspects feel a need to jump straight in with various forms of what can, at best, charitably be described as concern trolling is all you need to know about the poster’s actual motivations.

            The simple fact that issues such as climate change, racism and equal representation, etc. are politicised doesn’t excuse the people who are responsible for politicising those issues, issues that would otherwise be fair, unarguable and entirely straight forward. If someone posting a counterpoint to those views loses their cool on occasion in the process, it’s simple false equivalence to pretend that this is evidence that “all sides are equally at fault”.

          • @Angorafish: Sorry since nested responses seem to be capped I’ll have to reply to alex’s post here and just tag you..

            Let me be clear trolling for the sake of being a belligerent bastard is just plain old shite. I will confess I *have* done it on multiple occasions myself when I had to let off steam its not a good thing and I shouldn’t have done it but I’m only human and have my times of weakness…

            That being said it’s also very obvious how pointedly aggressive some responses are the moment your reply is seen as mildly right leaning without even trying to read the nuance of the reply. Attack instead of discuss has been the default from everyone.

            We’ve been a fairly level headed place for discussion were we can at least have thought out debates through the years here even if you sat on opposite sides of the fence. And if someone is pointedly being a moron… the usual reply has always been one of derision and ignore it. Why give oxygen to idiots has always been my go to response to obvious trolls..

            But when someone is at least being civil try and stay civil… if it was a person baiting for a troll then disengage and move on. Their position won’t change and you are giving them exactly what they want. Don’t give them air and save your precious braincells and responses to someone who is at least reasonable in responding/debating.

            I’ve been up for discussions plenty of times but I don’t want to… for example I like my fan service.. but should I ever discuss that I would be branded as someone sub human who shouldn’t exist at some places. I want to be able to talk about multiple views not just be either on defence or attack. Its not healthy and its not conducive. I go on the internet and these websites to chill. But forums and comments are a ticking land mine these days.

          • @rock_m Because you like a bit of fan service you are branded as someone sub human who shouldn’t exist at some places? Hyperbole much?

            You say you want some polite discussion, yet you’ve made little if any attempt to engage with anything I’ve written here. Your post is just one more rant about how the “mildly right leaning” are actually the real victims.

            And you talk about getting jumped on when it’s pretty clear that what we’re talking about is a core and dominant group of the same right wing culture warriors who are first in on pretty much any Kotaku content related to social justice, harassment or diversity.

            If you want to talk about privatising government services, abolishing unions and your personal Christian values then I certainly won’t complain. If you want to harp on every single opportunity you get about how SJWs are ruining your games, as if there’s not enough fan service being produced every year to last you decades, then yeah, you’re part of the problem.

          • @angorafish why thank you very much that by assuming that when I mentioned I like fanservice that I was automatically defaulting to “sjw ruined my games”. (See what I mean about the default is attack?)

            My stance has been fanservice has a place even in games and its hypocritical to pick on one aspect of fiction (sex) whilst we act as apologists for another (violence) in gaming and yet these 2 have been fundamental parts of all media from books, literature and movies (you get lemons, porn and slashers existing fine together) and yet the same argument we vehemently defend against for violence in games is the same argument we use to condemn fan service in games… and every fan service game gets jumped on whilst violence gets scottfree how does that add up?

            And lets be honest that stance isnt somthing accepted because of the existing double standards the west has on fan service and youve seen the amount of vile thrown about by everyone… is being thought of as less than human for having an opposite opinion really hyperbolic in the internet these days?

          • @rock_m I’m really struggling to see how your personal fear that your preferred style of games are somehow under threat (“every fan service game gets jumped on” by people who call you out as “someone sub human who shouldn’t exist”) is any different from “SJWs are trying to ruin my games”. Presumably you’re not arguing that the “mildly right leaning” are constantly jumping on your goddam First Amendment right to tiddies.

            And who knows what circular argument you’re getting at with the “same argument we vehemently defend against for violence in games is the same argument we use to condemn fan service in games”. I can’t personally recall a single article around here vehemently defending violence in games. Maybe you’re thinking of a different website? Although in any case, I’m pretty sure that anyone making such an argument would be far more likely to be the “mildly right leaning” than the people you allege have been criticising you for your interest in hentai.

            But let’s be honest, what you assert to be some kind of hypocritical contradiction is really just you arguing that you like both violence in games and tiddies in your games, as if you can’t currently exhaust all your bank accounts right now purchasing both, oftentimes in exactly the same download.

    • Considering you replied to someone posting inflammatory comments that would make the comments of that post a dumpster fire WHILE agreeing with them then coming on here complaining about the people who disagreed with him and called him out on his bullshit are making this forum the way that it is, while also ignoring worrito as the one making the place even worse.
      Its almost like you are trying to advocate that its only the other side thats making the forum the way that it is, and if everyone agreed with you everything would be fine.
      Maybe you should join the Resetera forums.

      • I think you made your point without having to add that last bit.
        But you raise a distressing point – I don’t think I’ve ever seen those who agree with Worrito ideologically call out his poor forum behavior.

        • Look.. we reaaaally dont want to go there =(

          Its easy to pick out when people call out/correct something when its an opinion you dont agree with. Much harder if its a position you agree with… because the position is already self evidently correct in a persons opinion and introspection is reaaaally hard to do.

          Score counting isnt gonna help conversation move on…

          • I’m just trying to say that hearing a “hey man, I appreciate the sentiment but you are not going about this the right way with the tone you’re using” is a lot more palatable when it comes from the people from “your side”. You (general you) are much less likely to take that advice to heart when it’s coming from the other “side” as evidenced by the name calling we see these days. Neckbeard this, edgelord that. At this rate to expect to see “incel” or “virgin” by the end of the year.

          • Bloody nested response limits! XD

            @john_stalvern oh i agree completely hence my be in my shoes statement above.

            Its ok to disagree but keep it civil and agree to disagree if you cant reach a mutual point. Its just the score keeping that happens which excacerbates stuff ie.well you didnt stop x so why should i stop y and so forth..

            Oh and sadly incel has already been thrown around on some discussions so.. yeah =(

    • I feel like I’ve been part of seldom few website communities where long term members are so hostile and contemptuous of the authors and their opinions as is the case with Kotaku. Sure, the internet if full of armchair commentators who will chime into a comment section and then disappear forever, but it seems to be a particular trait of the Kotaku community to persistently moan about the political bent of articles but still return day after day to read the articles, then somehow still act surprised and outraged at the content within. It’s like a special form of masochism. It’s so predictable and boring and creates a persistent hostile, combative environment in the comment sections. Can someone please enlighten me as to why this is the case, and they don’t just leave for an outlet more aligned with their views?

      • Possibly because we like the other none politically charged gaming articles?

        Im a fan of both the exposes and the usual random shenanigan articles.. and frankly the comments havent really been that caustic in kotaku au until only really very recently…

        Yeesh i long for the days when all we complained about was Luke Plunketts one jmage one sentence “articles” xD

        • I seem to remember that these were just things that Luke shared on an internal messageboard, which for whatever reason were posted as articles on the AU site.

          • I always assumed it was because he was working the night shift on Kotaku US, so the public facing part of his job was posting middle of the night filler content, and it just happened to align with our local peak hours so it made it seem like he was spamming trash.

          • @dogman I mean that’s possible too… If I’m remembering correctly he commented on it like… maybe 6-7 years ago, so it’s entirely possible that I dreamed the whole thing up!

        • Well then the solution is to just read those apolitical articles and abstain from reading, and even more so complaining, on articles that you don’t identify with. It’s often exceedingly clear from the article headline what to expect.

          Note: I’m using the generalised “you” here, I can’t actually recall if you are one of the people I’m referring to.

        • Yep. I remember when the closest Kotaku came to politics was articles about Jack Thompson or the SA Attorney General’s mission to ban games in Australia. It was us vs them instead of us vs us!

          • Granted the status quo was no girls, no homos so naturally things didn’t veer into those deeply political topics as often.

          • @dogman geebus christ mate…. back then i played more mmos, arpgs and rts… frankly the attitude was didnt care what your gender was as long as you were there to have fun in the game and not a leech.

            Then again I actively avoid toxic communities and crap like that to this day…

          • @rock_m Me too. They definitely existed. People of all sorts have been playing games for as long as anyone. From the members I’ve met in person I’d say classic TAY had at least as many women as men. However it’s undeniable that no matter how diverse the audience was straight+male was the default lens gaming was covered through back then. Nobody was really pushing against that idea and the times when people did push it wasn’t well recieved.

            I mean think back when you say nobody cared. Did nobody care or did nobody argue about it? From my experience casual sexism and homophobia totally existed in those spaces and I really doubt people were cool with it they were just quiet. Kotaku was no exception.
            Just to be crystal clear I’m not accusing you of secretly being horrible or anything. I’m just saying that it was easy to feel like nobody cared because one side couldn’t complain. I literally didn’t have to care because nobody was asking me to. The only people who cared were either horrible and had everyone default to their side or weren’t in a position where they could ask me to care about their problems without risking ostracisation.

            I look back at the past and it’s easy to think of it as laid back, comforting and peaceful because from my point of view it was, but the reality is that my healer wasn’t ok with having shit hung on him for being gay he was just willing to put up with it because he didn’t have any options. Technically we all ripped on each other during raids so he couldn’t say anything without offending the group and triggering the homophobic guy.
            The only time it ever really came to a fight it was chalked up as him cracking the shits over nothing even though the thing that was said was obviously mean spirited and meant as a personal attack. He was the unreasonable one even though he put a LOT of energy into keeping the peace.

            All I’m saying is it’s really easy to fall into the thinking that everyone was on the same team back then but the cracks that divide us today didn’t appear out of nowhere.

        • I dunno.. I’ve been coming here for many many years and it’s always been that way as far as I can remember. That’s why I chose Kotaku as my go-to, because it appeared more progressive than a lot of the others at the time. Yes, it more frequently discusses progressive politics and calls out questionable behaviour than it used to, but to me that’s just leaning in to what it has always been, and I appreciate it.

          Either way, right now, it is what it is. Instead of clinging to what you wished it was, why not leave and find a website that more aligns to your views?

          • Dont know what to tell you except the person above you also saw it the same way and kotaku AU isnt that way.
            If you want something that fits your wish to put politics into everything, you can head off to Polygon or resetera.

          • @m2d2 except that I like Kotaku’s content and political leanings and don’t have a problem with it, so why would I seek out another outlet? It’s like you just “no u”d me, but didn’t consider that it makes no sense…

            Whatever, I’d wish you well as you continue to expose yourself to content that annoys you, except that I know you lot get gratification from moaning about the content so I hope that continues to be fulfilling, too.

          • @mogwai
            I get alot of gratification of exposing myself to forced american politics and agendas on an Australian website?
            News to me.

          • Isnt that just thinly veiled gate keeping/segregation?

            Thats practically saying i dont agree with you therefore you dont belong here. You know a person doesnt have to always be 100% agree with whats on a website to actually like the website. I mean sure if we were talking about the obvious posts for being a pointless or extreme contrarian then yes i agree… but for the majority of folks who are otherwise civil?

            Kotaku AU has always been good with balancing good discussions even if you disagree with an opinion hence I stay. If I wanted an echo chamber of like minded opinions there are plenty of websites for that… and thats not something that appeals to me.

          • @rock_m I mean, yeah it is in a sense. But I’m not saying “you’re not welcome here”, I’m more saying “it appears that you don’t enjoy being here and 99% of what I see you post is negative, so why do you stick around?”. Again, general “you”.

            To be clear, I’m not talking about people who attempt to engage in constructive debate. I’m talking about the people who just moan and complain on anything that is too liberal or progressive for their sensibilities for the very fact that it exists on this site. I It’s not engagement and it’s not debate, it’s just hostile toward the author or other commenters and offers nothing constructive. In some respects, these posts are guilty of trying to gatekeep Kotaku too, saying certain angles or stories aren’t worthy of coverage. I see it a lot on Nathan Grayson’s posts especially.

            @m2d2 well, I constantly see you commenting on articles that you describe as “forced American political agendas”, which requires you to click through to them, so you obviously get something out of them. If you truly hated them you’d ignore them.

    • If it helps ease your anxiety I like reading your comments when I see them. I’m pretty infrequent about being here now, and I tend to rub people the wrong way so I’m sure I would have said at least one thing that annoyed you, but you’re part of the group of people who make the comments worth reading.

      • Haha, thanks DogMan, you’re definitely one of the good ones too. I don’t think we always see eye to eye, but who ever does, and your comments are absolutely part of the reason I joined / wanted to join this community 🙂

  • One great feature of the new website: when it mysteriously logs you out and refuses to let you post a comment, the draft is still available after hitting the back button from the error page!

  • Upgraded my computer, new motherboard, ram,
    CPU, and power supply, but now the damn thing doesn’t boot properly.

    Tried formatting the hard drive, no change in luck.

    System basically would power on, fans would whirr, then it would shut itself off. It only started occurring a couple of days after I had formatted the hard drive whilst I was re-installing MSFS 2020.

    So, that’s $300 down the drain… 🙁

    • Really quick occams razor check… have you made sure both the power to mobo and cpu are plugged?

      The most common mistake is that ppl will plug in the 24pin mobo power but miss the cpu 8+4 pin for the cpu power. This leads to the mobo booting fans starting and then shutting since cpu is not running.

  • 99% of the time when this happened to me, it was because the RAM wasn’t seated properly.

    Most recently I brought my PC back in luggage from Canada (what else is there to do in quarantine, amiright!?), and had to re-seat the RAM chips 5-6 times before they worked for whatever reason.

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