Target Has Cancelled A Bunch Of Previously Confirmed Xbox Series X Preorders

Target Has Cancelled A Bunch Of Previously Confirmed Xbox Series X Preorders
Image: Microsoft
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It’s Tuesday, September 29 — do you know where your Xbox Series X preorder is?

Preordering the next generation of consoles has been chaotic to say the least. From PS5’s hasty announcement (and then almost instant sell out), to the crashing of websites and yo-yo-esque nature of the Series X pre-orders, the whole thing has been very 2020.

Much like 2020, which started full of hope, before the rug was suddenly pulled from under us, it turns out a confirmation email is more of an aspirational suggestion. This week some customers who preordered their console from Target have been getting follow-ups to their confirmation emails, informing them that “your order has been cancelled due to insufficient stock.” The emails also say a refund for their deposit would be coming within the next seven business days.

Target was one of the few retailers to take full payment of $749 at the time of preordering.

Having a week between confirmation and rejection is unusual. It’s unclear how many confirmations have been rescinded, how many consoles retailers got, or whether Target had their orders cut.

Kotaku Australia reached out to Target for comment but they did not respond in time for publication.

So far it only appears to be Microsoft’s premium Xbox Series X that has been affected by these cancellations. We haven’t heard anything about the comparatively more affordable Xbox Series S pre-orders being cancelled.

Both the Xbox Series X and S are expected to be on shelves (or in mailboxes) on November 10, two days before the release of Sony’s PlayStation 5 on November 12. For more information on what to expect from the consoles on release date, check out our comprehensive coverage here.

Have any of you had your preorder cancelled? How was your preordering experience? What do you think retailers could learn from this experience? Let us know in the comments.


  • Geez that sucks, I would be interested to see what the stock numbers are for all the consoles this year.

    I got my confirmation (JB and PS5) within 10 minutes of laying down my order but I’m under no illusion that I’m guaranteed one on release.
    I’m going to be checking my email periodically after reading about this though.

    • I got my pre order for the series X through Jb as well. The problem is that JB doesn’t guarantee you a launch day console, everyone is put into a que from the time they ordered. Its a fair system but will you get one launch day? Or perhaps another pre Christmas shipment? Surely not after Christmas? haha urrrrrrrrrgrg im scared

  • I secured a Telstra All Access for December delivery and as they were still available to be ordered for days after I confirmed mine, I am hoping I am safe (remembering this is for DECEMBER not November). That being said, if there’s not enough for the November release and they need to fulfill those preorders with December orders, anything can happen.

    I guess the bottom line is, until you’re powering up your console in the comfort of your own home, who knows when/if you’ll be getting it.

  • Also need to keep in mind that Target has been one of the absolute worst online retailers this year. They made an absolute schmozzle of Easter for a bunch of families earlier in the year.
    In collecting circles, ordering from Target is compared to a lottery since there’s always a really good chance you’ll get a cancellation email after ordering – even days later is nothing unusual for them. I’ve experienced plenty of shenanigans from them, but just have a squiz at the posts on their Facebook page and you’ll get a good idea of how limp their online offer is.

    That’s not to say that this won’t be a common theme for all retailers when it comes to the new consoles, but in Target’s case it’s just same/same business as usual.

    • I’ve order form target twice since Victoria has been locked down and they’ve stuffed the order both times. My wife had a fight with them for being so rude and crap haha.

  • Honestly I have (apparently) secured my launch order from EB but honestly until it is in my hands I will be more surprised if I do get it on the day.

    • I think, if anything, EB (and JB to a slightly lesser extent) are fairly safe. They’re pretty used to getting stock allocations up front and setting up pre-orders based on those at this point. Target, Big W, etc would be the more worrying ones – as shown by Target already cancelling some orders here.

      • JB played it safe with a disclaimer from the get fixed that there was no guarantee when people would get their respective units and it was being allocated on best in best dress. They’re a bit of a gamble if you want the system for day one in this instance.

  • Owch. Condolences to those who turned to Target as a last resort in the preorder frenzy.

    I personally have preorders in with EB and Amazon (PS5, waiting on the xbone2x) and I’m still not 100% confident I’ll have even one on launch, let alone both. (Getting his-and-hers for side-by-side play.)

    To be more sanguine about it… it’s just video games. And there’s some really good ones out now, probably unplayed, that will serve as excellent entertainment while waiting for resolution on whatever fuckery comes up between now and late-November.

      • Yes! considering most of the games I’ll be playing on it are the ones I’m already currently playing, I am the most ambivalent I’ve ever been about a console launch. Mostly, I just want faster loading times and Auto-HDR lol.

    • Agree. I only preordered because I know i’m gonna get one, may as well sooner. But if i have to wait a couple months, no biggie. I ordered through EB, we’ll see what happens.

  • I ordered the Series X with Harvey Norman on the Tues morning and was charged the full price, I received an email later that morning saying my order had been flagged for review by security. After trying to contact someone from HN customer support I was told that this happens when there may be an issue with my CreditCard details. I received an email after midday (when it was way too late to order elsewhere), that they had decided to not accept my order, no definite reason was given, but saying it might be due the Credit Card details. I’m assuming they just took too many order.
    Anyway, it’s a week later, my $750 has still not been refunded and none of my requests for a call back have been actioned.
    An appallingly bad customer experience – thanks Harvey Norman!

    • Got my JB confirmation email 3 minutes after the final click. I’d chase them up. Especially given I ordered at 8.03 and I got the “might not get it on day 1 disclaimer”.

    • I’d check the JB order history. Personally I’d view no news as bad news in cases like this where the order systems are getting smashed and checkout processes don’t run their course as normal.

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