The Ads In The Middle Of Twitch Streams Are So Bad

The Ads In The Middle Of Twitch Streams Are So Bad
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The news yesterday that Twitch was testing mid-stream ads was bad, but man, actually seeing them in action is somehow even worse.

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While yesterday we only had mock-ups to get upset about, the ads are now rolling out to certain streamers and on certain streams, so we can actually see how terrible they are.

Our example today comes from SmilinDominator, who was restreaming the big PS5 event earlier today (basically, he was streaming over the top of Sony’s official stream). Halfway through the Hogwarts Legacy trailer, with no warning and no consideration given to what else might have been happening on-screen, he was served a midroll ad.

(You can see this in its fuller context on the original stream, at the 45:30 mark).

Before we go any further, this was a weird one. The ad actually appeared in the PS5 stream SmilinDominator was broadcasting over the top of, not his own stream, and because the feature is still in testing, he must have been one of the few to get/see the ad.

In most cases, whatever was streaming live would be reduced to a smaller picture-in-picture window, but in this case because it’s a restream everyone watching simply missed out on 30 seconds of the stream.

But the end result is still the same. It fuckin sucks!


  • Imagine if people set up a huge restream chain (ie, restream the stream of someone else who is restreaming someone else etc.) and they all get hit with ads at the same time. It would be an Adception the likes of which has never been seen.

  • Its weird to me, cause despite all of Twitches Partner reps, community managers, and focus groups… they didnt actually ask any streamer if mid-roll ads were a good idea.

    This is what these big tech social platforms constantly fail at… socialising their ideas, they just roll it out as a “test” and don’t tell anyone. YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Patron, Tokyo, Twitter are all guilty of doing this ignorant act of changing things without consideration of the impact of the people actually earning them the revenue.

    • The absolutely incredible thing to me is that the people who greenlit it in the first place are either SO incredibly stupid to think it was a good idea in the first place… Or even worse simply didn’t give a shit about anything but more ad dollars, and were STILL too stupid to realise it’d literally make people stop watching Twitch.

  • Here’s a question, what’s gonna happen when streamers start ragging on the product that interrupts their stream?
    For example here, what would happen if he started saying how shit he thinks the film looks and criticised the Prime Video service and said another subscription service like Netflix has is better?

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