The Internet Reacts To Xbox Series S


Today, Microsoft revealed its smallest Xbox ever, the Xbox Series S. The internet, inevitably, reacted.

Upon first glance, the console does not look like a console, but, a speaker or a washing machine, among other things…

But let’s not just judge the way it looks. That’s so superficial! There are many more important things, like how much it costs.

Some folks even had design ideas to improve the little Xbox’s design.

I think these fan-made designs are way better. (You listenin’, Microsoft?)

The Xbox Series S will be released on November 10 at a reasonable $US299 ($411). That price is terrific! Its looks? Less so, in my opinion. But at that price, who cares!


  • I like it with the symbol on the grill (specifically Red Mamba’s design). Might get one on sale if they release any exclusives for it that I’m interested in.

  • some good ones here.

    Its kinda funny that the new consoles look like a speaker box, a fridge and wifi router

    By the way, didn’t need to post the sony fanboys stupid tweet about it being under powdered. Pointless console wars BS

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