The Sims Fans Really Wanted Kylo And Rey To Make Babies

The Sims Fans Really Wanted Kylo And Rey To Make Babies

The new Star Wars content for The Sims 4 looked good, but there was a catch: you couldn’t smooch the Star Wars characters. Or at least, you couldn’t officially. Modders have found a way around this so quickly you’d think their lives depended on it.

As Eurogamer report, modders on The Sims forums have approached this from two directions.

The first was ripping the models from the NPCs and making them available for general play, so that you could pair them up, make babies and see what their babies would look like growing up in a world where the end of Rise of Skywalker never happened.

The result of this modified union, shared by MaggieMarley, was “Leia”:

Which is fine! But it wasn’t enough, mostly because moving Kylo into a regular home stripped him of his helmet, and doing so meant it wasn’t really Kylo, just a *ahem* clone. So MaggieMarley went further, finding a way to encounter Kylo Ren as an NPC, with her Rey player character, and get pregnant in a modded bush, since there are no beds in the Star Wars locations.

This big boy, meanwhile, is “Luke”:

And that’s it, as amazing as the effort and know-how on display has been, that’s all I can bring myself to write about this. Though if you want to read more on it, this thread is…detailed.


  • What’s even the point of this expansion if not to fulfill people’s Reylo shipping? Amazing that it has to be modded in. You’d think the devs would be aware Reylo is pretty much the only thing people enjoyed about the sequels.

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