Cthulhu Is Calling In This Stylish Lovecraftian-Horror Adventure

Cthulhu Is Calling In This Stylish Lovecraftian-Horror Adventure
Image: Zelart/HypeTrain Digital
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There Is No Light is a horror dungeon crawler set in the post-apocalpytic underworld. If hordes of unruly, Lovecraft-inspired monsters waiting to claim your soul in the bowels of the earth wasn’t enough, the game also saddles you with an unenviable burden: saving your child from the clutches of a deadly cult. It’s just another Friday in hell.

And as you prepare for the monsters, they’ll prepare for you.

Image: Zelart/HypeTrain Digital

There Is No Light is an upcoming grim-dark dungeon crawler featuring a gorgeous pixel art aesthetic and delightfully smooth, hard-hitting action. The gameplay style, described as a ‘deadly dance’, requires excellent timing and precision to land hits (a fact that has me biting my tongue not to call it a Souls-like).

The environments of There Is No Light are dense and gorgeous, with horror-inspired regions that’ll take you into the mythical depths of demonic hell to the outskirts of the dream-like beyond.

Image: Zelart/HypeTrain Digital

It features stylish rapid combat including a classic berseker rage metre, multiple weapon options and a karma system designed to impact the underworld around you. As you encounter other survivors in the darkness and listen to their stories you’ll grow your powers, build your magic and prepare for your plunge into the ‘savage abyss of despair’. At the bottom, the hideous, creeping monsters await your arrival.

As you fight to survive the dark depths, you’ll encounter bloodthirsty monsters and the deranged accolates of the deadly Church of the Great Hand. With your child waiting for rescue, the stakes will be as high as your temper. Get ready to bathe in the blood of your enemies — providing you can conquer your own fears first.

There Is No Light‘s Kickstarter campaign is now live, with the game set for release on all major platforms in Q3 2021. During PAX Online, you’ll be able to experience an early demo for a taster of its spine-chilling Lovecraftian horror.

In the meantime, you can also wishlist the game on Steam.

You can watch the latest (terrifying) trailer for the game below. Keep your headphones in for some delightfully creepy ASMR:

Stay tuned to the HypeTrain Digital Twitter account for more news and updates from the game.


  • This looks and sounds really good. Hopefully the devs can deliver om my now well and truly established hype! Thanks for bringing this one to my attention, Leah.

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