Turn Your Xbox Controller Into A Flight Stick

Turn Your Xbox Controller Into A Flight Stick
Screenshot: Akaki Kuumeri

Hey, Flight Simulator is out, and Squadrons is on the way. What better time to be playing games that require expensive dedicated peripherals! Only the economy sucks and you’ll never use those flight sticks for anything else, so maybe try this cool mod that’ll do kinda the same thing, only for your Xbox controller.

Designed by Akaki Kuumeri, this HOTAS (hands on throttle-and-stick) mod is 3D-printed, snaps together (so no glue!) and gives you the precision and leverage to turn an everyday controller into the kind of gentle, comfortable peripheral that makes flying in video games so damn fun.

Is it going to match the performance of a $US200 ($283) stick? No! Is this a whole lot cheaper, since you can download it here for free? Uh, yes.


  • What a legend, both for making and distributing it for free when he didn’t have to.
    (The deadpan video gave me a chuckle too)

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