Undertale Creator Says Next Chapter Of Deltarune Is Almost Done

Undertale Creator Says Next Chapter Of Deltarune Is Almost Done

Nyeh heh heh! Today marks the fifth anniversary of the release of Undertale, and creator Toby Fox is celebrating the milestone with new information on the progress of its sequel, Deltarune.

It’s been two years since the first chapter of Deltarune was released for PC/Mac, PS4, and the Nintendo Switch. In a post today on undertale.com, Fox released a roadmap detailing the status of the next chapters, with Chapter 2 nearing completion.

“I believe we can complete this chapter, content-wise, before the end of the year (not accounting for translation, bug testing, and porting),” Fox wrote.

“[Deltarune is] a game that’s much harder to make than UNDERTALE,” Fox wrote. “Graphics are more complicated and several times more involved. Systems are more complicated. [Deltarune’s development] exposes the weak points of my creative and artistic ability. [And] I have only made one game ever.”

In addition to a lengthy Deltarune status update, Undertale is also on sale on the Nintendo eShop for $US9.99 ($14) (this will be the best $US10 ($14) you could ever hope to spend on a video game,). There will also be a concert of Undertale’s amazing music on Undertale’s YouTube channel, and 0 T-shirt with new art by Fox with the proceeds donated to charity.

For lore enthusiasts, undertale.com now features new dialogue from some of Undertale’s beloved characters that was meant to be implemented in an as yet unreleased alarm clock app.

Mine too Papyrus. Mine too. (Screenshot: Toby Fox)Mine too Papyrus. Mine too. (Screenshot: Toby Fox)

Despite creative, technical, and medical hardships, Fox expresses confidence that he’s now on the right track with Deltarune’s development.

“I’m glad that I’m making the DELTARUNE that I have now and that we are making healthy progress,” Fox wrote.

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