Unpacking Gets A Perfect Trailer And A Release Date

Unpacking Gets A Perfect Trailer And A Release Date

The art of the video game trailer is difficult. You have to sell what the game’s about, while nailing the emotion, and the mood of what you want the player to experience. Unpacking nails all of these things.

In slightly less great news, the Brisbane-based moving simulator won’t be coming out until 2021. That news was revealed as part of the new trailer. But like the superb Goose Game announcementUnpacking‘s trailer does such a good job of selling what it is that you really don’t mind by the end.

Unpacking takes place over a series of “levels” set in years. You begin by unpacking a single girl’s room in 1997, learning the particulars of her life one item at a time. As you take the items out, you decide where they go in the room.

You can stack the books in any order. Want to put the teddy bear on the pillow? Go ahead. Does the school backpack go next to the cupboard, or at the front of the bed? Or on the bed?

The Aussie-made Unpacking was one of the standout games of PAX last year, even though it was a completely different tone to the kind of game you expect to see on the PAX show floor. Witch Beam are a good crew as well — Assault Android Cactus was excellent — so I expect Unpacking will do just fine when it launches in 2021.

For more info on Unpacking, head to the official Steam page. It’ll be out on PC only, but I wouldn’t write off a Switch port not long thereafter if it does well.

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