Warframe Devs Plan To Shave Another 15GB Off Its Install Size

Warframe Devs Plan To Shave Another 15GB Off Its Install Size

Game sizes have spent the last several years ballooning, so it’s always a treat when an update actually makes a game smaller, and Warframe’s developers are making it a lot smaller as they slowly remaster the game.

Digital Extremes plans to accomplish this by pushing out several updates modifying the game’s textures and other assets to reduce their overall size without compromising their detail. A 6.5GB update going out on sometime next week will decrease Warframe’s size on PC by approximately the same amount, while subsequent updates throughout the rest of the year should take off another 9GB or so. The studio says versions of the game on other platforms should see similar improvements.

“My memory is hazy about those early days back in 2012 when we launched our Closed Beta but I distinctly remember the entire download being small enough to fit on a CD-ROM,” one of the developers wrote on the game’s forums yesterday. “In the eight years since launch we’ve seen the install image grow over 100 times in size and when you consider all the amazing content that was added over the years it’s easy to see why: that’s three open worlds, over a dozen tile-sets, 28 quests, almost 500 weapons, and over a thousand mods, to say nothing of several remasters that updated older content.”

Trying to keep Warframe from growing too big has been an ongoing fight for Digital Extremes, with several updates over the last few years aimed explicitly at trying to shrink the nearly decade old sci-fi shooter. The struggle has been especially real on Switch where the game has at times edged over the Nintendo console’s limited internal storage. While the Switch has a 32GB of space, some of that is devoted to the console’s OS and other files. Last December Warframe’s Old Blood update jacked it up to 21.8GB, causing issues for those trying to download it without an SD card installed.

Hopefully these next few remaster updates bring the size of Warframe on Switch back into the teens.

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