What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Well, I’m pooped. It’s been a massive week in games between all the excitement of the PlayStation 5 announcement and Nintendo’s Direct Mini last night. We’re finishing up the week with some new Cyberpunk 2077 updates on Saturday and then we’re back into the next gen news sprint. It’s crazy there’s only two months left to go until we throw our PlayStation 4s and Xbox Ones out the window for the brand new models. (Do not do this. At the very least, check if there’s anyone below.)

How’s everyone going? Planning on settling down with a good game this weekend? There’s plenty of stuff to choose from.

Personally, I’m about to duck out and grab a copy of Super Mario 3D All-Stars. I thoroughly believe Super Mario 64 is one of the greatest games ever made, so I’m keen to get stuck in with an all-time favourite. I’ve never actually played Super Mario Sunshine or Super Mario Galaxy, but they’ve both been on my list for an unfathomable amount of time so I’m also keen to plow through those as well.

Also on my list is Hades, the mythological rogue-like set in the Underworld. It’s just landed on Nintendo Switch and it was an instant purchase for me. Technically I already own the game on PC, but it’s so much easier to dive in with Switch games when you can pop on some TV in the background and get started.

There’s also so many other games I want to get to. It’s fairly quiet this time of year (the quiet before the storm) but there’s still plenty of fantastic gems running around. WWE 2K Battlegrounds is another one on my radar. It looks like a heap of fun and I’m really digging the funky big-head style of the game. I’m not a huge fan of the mainline WWE 2K games but I do love my wrestling, so I’m keen to give that a try, too.

So, what are you playing? Jump into the comments and tell everyone about your weekend plans.


  • Warframe. Satisfying video game comfort food.

    The last act of Tsushima left me too shook to properly complete, I’m partway through RE2 but can only play it when my partner is asleep (night-time with headphones!), Ringfit is more of a (fun!) chore than a game, and all the worthy indies I had installed have kind of lost their lustre thanks to my scheduling not really allowing multiple solid uninterrupted hours of play. A kind of ennui setting in, there.

    Shifting to movies/TV instead of chasing more bite-sized game session experiences (Mind Control Delete was fantastic for this, though), til things improve. Some FOMO involved: the complete disappearance of my too-long-procrastinated ‘next thing to watch I swear’ Spiderverse from ALL Australian-accessible streaming subscriptions has got me looking to go clean up my video watch-lists while they’re still available, so there’s no regrets.

    …Right after I’m done pirating Spiderverse.

    • Ooh piracy, very spicy.

      I was so dedicated to Ring Fit when WFH started and now I haven’t played it in months. I wish you luck!

      • Oops. Did I say pirating? Sorry, I meant, “reshaping history to a point that I totally, definitely did legitimately watch it while it was available on one of the subscriptions I pay for!”

        I’ve done zero exercise since my partner got sick, because we’ve always done that together, so I started the ringfit up just by myself and it’s already given me back a shitload of energy. Who’da thunk it? Besides fitness and medical experts, that is.

  • I have some of the DLC of Rise of the tomb raider to play, then i assume ill play Shadow as ive been playing those games for the first time.
    Really solid games, slightly a bit annoyed that they didnt make a 4th and instead made Avengers, i hate live service games.

    • Once you play Shadow you might be glad they tried something else. It’s not that it’s a bad game, it’s just easily the weakest of the series and a step backwards from Rise. Feels mostly phoned in with too many boring large town areas that add little to the game.

  • PSO2 mainly as I want to get my Bouncer class to level 80 (73 atm) and finish Ep 4’s story. To take a break from the grind and cut loose though I’ll also be slotting in some good old mayhem with Saints Row 3 Remastered.

    • I’m so excited! I’ve played through Galaxy 2 but never got the chance for one. Oh, to be young with no expendable income.

  • Among Us with wine and Discord, will check out Black Ops Alpha as well.. Amazon ordered Mario, so a little wait till I can get stuck into Galaxy.

  • Leah Williams can I just remind you?
    Now that restrictions have finally eased in Regional Victoria as we work hard to keep coronavirus case numbers low.
    This weekend I’ll be playing the Super Mario 3D All-Stars digital collection to celebrate Mario’s 35 year anniversary on the Nintendo Switch as this a limited time release and is only available for a very limited time until the end of March next year and then getting back to playing some more Pokemon Shield while I wait for the Pokemon Shield Crown Tundra DLC to be released as well as waiting for the 2013 Wii U release of Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury coming out on Nintendo Switch February 12 2021 and Koei Tecmo Games Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity coming out for Nintendo Switch on November 2o this year.

  • CS:GO Surf Mod because that’s how i spend most of my gaming time

    i really struggle to pick up and enjoy new games, keep going back to the same ole thang

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