Xbox Is Coming Back To The Tokyo Game Show, But Without Next-Gen News

Xbox Is Coming Back To The Tokyo Game Show, But Without Next-Gen News

In years past, Microsoft had massive Xbox booths at the Tokyo Game Show, going head to head with the likes of Sony. But, as it turns out, Japanese gamers aren’t really into Xbox! So, as well as missing the 2012 show, Microsoft really went M.I.A. starting in 2015. Now that this year’s TGS is virtual, Microsoft is back.

It really wasn’t a surprise that Microsoft started sitting TGS out. The Xbox 360, which had a massive PR push in Japan, was not a success, and Xbox One did truly awfully after a sad launch.

But a good thing about a virtual Tokyo Game Show is that Microsoft doesn’t have to sink all that money into a massive booth! Xbox Japan tweeted out this year’s TGS plans, which include messages from Japanese game creators, an update for the Minecraft community in Japan, and the latest news about the PC version of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Both Minecraft and Microsoft Flight Simulator have lots of fans in Japan.

Xbox Japan also is planning to reveal news about recently announced games. However, the aforementioned tweet states, “There are no plans for any new information about our next-generation game console.” The official Microsoft site goes into further detail stating, “There are no plans to make announcements regarding our next generation hardware Xbox Series X, which goes on sale in the second half of this year.” As Famitsu previously reported, the new Xbox will go on sale in Japan this November as the console also launches internationally.

Oh well! It’s good to see Xbox supporting TGS again — I hope it continues once the physical exhibition returns in the future.

In case you missed it, check out everything we know about Xbox Series X.


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