The Xbox Series S Is Launching On November 10

The Xbox Series S Is Launching On November 10
Image: Xbox
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And, if we’re being honest, it won’t be just the Xbox Series S that launches on that day.

After leaks forced Microsoft’s hand yesterday, the company finally released the official “reveal” trailer for their upcoming digital-only next-gen console. A key note in the video is that it’ll be launching on November 10, which is a Tuesday locally.

The video also contains more details about what the cut-down $US299 console will contain:

  • Custom NVMe SSD drive
  • Seamless game switching
  • Up to 1440p/120fps support, dependent on the game
  • Variable refresh rate support
  • Variable rate shading
  • DirectX Raytracing support
  • 60% smaller than the upcoming Xbox Series X

You can watch the full sizzle reel below.

We’re still waiting for full confirmation on the Australian price for the Xbox Series S. I asked Microsoft this morning about the local RRP, and was told there was “nothing additional to share on local pricing at this stage,” which is honestly pretty weird given that the international pricing has been confirmed. But we’ve seen weirder things in 2020.

$449 or $499 is looking like the safest bet at this point, factoring in GST, shipping, forex calculations and likely margins, but you never know.


  • Just got the game pass for PC… if this is coupled with that? Holy shit MS may finally have found their actual killer app????

  • My only issue is that it is a digital only console with only 512GB that wont last long especially with games like CoD taking up a crazy amount of space

    • As long as they do what they did this generation and let you plug in an external drive, it really won’t be much of an issue. We ended up with 2x3tb external drives, which was actually pretty great with our XB1S.

      • Would they need to be the MS brand external cards though ? Seeing as they use the new custom SSD’s. They could be expensive.

      • Apparently you can use External HDDs to store data but you can’t play off it.

        You need to transfer the game to the SSD to play it.

    • Microsoft has said that with Velocity architecture, reducing duplicate assets, better compressed assets, and quality optimization, games should be much smaller in this next generation. Because it will only do 1440p max (4K upscaling), any next gen game won’t need to download 4K assets.

  • Even though this was forecast/rumoured, I was still surprised that MS did this. I have to say that it sounds too good to be true, but I think we also haven’t seen enough to understand what compromises have actually been made (for instance what does 4TF mean in terms of CU’s, and how scalable does the RDNA2 architecture get in terms of ray-tracing). There’s been a growing argument that consoles (and PCs) should put more emphasis on DLSS ML approaches to achieve higher resolution, so it will be VERY interesting to see what capabilities are built into series S. I also think that while this is a bit of marketing genius from MS – I do wonder what the implications for the console will be in 2-3 years… also what does this mean for the XBoxOne S price – why keep it if the series S is this price? Finally, I think everyone is looking at this and just wondering WHY haven’t both MS and Sony just announced the price/release date rather than playing childish games. This is not the way to reveal a console – and certainly not the mic-drop moment that MS would have been hoping for. As a PS4 owner, I admit that I’m nervous that Sony have put all their eggs in the haptics/3D audio/SSD basket… when the adaptive trigger is the only thing that distinguishes from XBox. We all know Sony exclusives are the big selling point – but I’m not sure that’s enough, and Sony have teased there is so much more to reveal… so when?

    • They’ve clearly stated that it’s 2K not 4K native so that’s a big difference in TF requirements.

      My friend who is staunchly PS only (anti microsoft so even avoids using windows) has said he would think about this as a secondary console for game pass games which is exactly what MS wants. You aren’t going to get a PC (which a lot of people say is all they need) for under $500 AUD which will be supported until 2027.

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