The Xbox Series S Will Cost $US299 [Update: It’s Official]

The Xbox Series S Will Cost $US299 [Update: It’s Official]
Image: Xbox

So the first supposed shot of what the Xbox Series S has finally been revealed. It, uh, looks interesting.

A shot of the Xbox Series S has been published and confirmed by Microsoft insider Brad Sams, and it’s … it’s hard to get past that massive vent. The pricing’s intriguing in that it’s supposedly being pitched at $US299, but what’s most eye-striking here is really the design.

You’ll be able to lay it down horizontally, and you can see the left hand side has a single USB port and the wireless connection button. This is the discless version of the next-gen Xboxes, although I’m not sure how Microsoft ended up taking inspiration from a subwoofer.

Update 2: And here’s the official reveal (or at least what it’ll be). Base model will have a 512GB NVMe drive, 4K playback, 1440p/120fps support dependent on the game, and ray-tracing. I wouldn’t expect a lot of the latter, mind you.

We’re still waiting for Microsoft to actually talk about the Xbox Series S — they’ve even mentioned it on official packaging, despite never actually showing off the console in the flesh.

Update: There’s a sneak peek of a video with voice-over talking about the console’s size — and corroborating the design:

Surely, surely, we couldn’t go another month without Microsoft and Xbox actually revealing how much these new next-gen consoles cost. I’m still liking the space-age design of the PS5 so far, and I’m curious to see what they do with their digital-only edition as well.

$US299 is going to be a tough launch price to beat, especially with the value of Xbox Game Pass. That’s a killer argument for anyone who doesn’t care or can’t upgrade to 4K. And given the past few Xbox launches, that’d make $399 or even $349 a likely price for the Xbox Series S in Australia.

As for the Xbox Series X? Still no idea, but I’m betting on $699 being the target. It seems about right with what Australians are likely to pay, and it makes even more sense now looking at the Xbox Series S pricing. Of course, Microsoft could do everyone a solid and actually announce the damn pricing. You too, Sony.

Update 5.15pm: It’s official now:

No Australian RRP yet. We’ll keep you posted.


  • While PS5 sure is kinda crazy, and I am still not sure it I like the look of it, I love that it is a work of art, I love that they have taken a risk. Both these Xboxs on the other hand just look so um uninspired.

      • I like the Xbox designs over the PS5, but then I’d prefer something that blends in with my other tech rather than standing out.

        • Only reason I’m hesitant to move to xbox this gen is I’ve invested a bit in PS4 games and would prefer to use the BC. But then Gamepass … hmmm, decisions, decisions.

          P.s. Would love for the edit post function to make a comeback

          • I’m solving the GamePass massive value temptation by having the PC version which is ultracheap and allows me to have a machine handling all the amazing PC exclusives available on other storefronts.

            I’ll probably eventually grab a nextbox at some point, but I can’t find much reason to inside the next couple years. Not when the PS5 is a guaranteed purchase (exclusives+backward compatibility) and as mentioned, I have a PC.

            It’s definitely a third place priority at the moment.

          • @transientmind Yeah, I’m considering going down a similar path. If they bring x360 BC to PC that would just be icing on the cake!

          • I mean, it’s not a bulletproof solution. There’s still a few titles on gamepass that are console-only and totally worth it. I subbed to the console version for a bit, to get access to Surge 2 and Nier: Automata on my boneS. So there’s stuff like that… but there’s just so much to play these days that I wouldn’t really feel their losses.

      • I don’t get how something that stands out is important in a console. Last time I checked we were all clamoring for our consoles to output better graphics to the TV, not be a talking point of how it looks..

        Give me a console that’s bland, runs cool and can be invisible in my tv cabinet and I’m happy..

        • For much the same reason people dont all wear the same colours or clothes or drive the same car, or have the same phone or even why cosmetics are so huge in games.

          Because the world revolves around art, some are more moved by it and some simply dont care.

          There are heaps of technically, platform related reasons why I will go with Sony, and somewhere way down on the list of reasons there is the fact that Sony has an artistic mindset, through out all they do (such as this), and it is why even when they didnt have the worlds most powerful console they were still winning, because of THEY understand the psychological importance of art and games as a form of culture.

  • I like that design. I’m not in the market for one, especially not the low-fi version, but I like it. If the function of that form is to assist with cooling, as reported elsewhere, that’s even better.

    Consoles should be neither seen nor heard, IMO.

  • The most important thing here is the price. Very good price point, buy one of these with gamepass and you have a very cheap console gaming setup

    • Yeah, for the specs I’ve been expecting $800 minimum, and a possible $900, with maybe a $950 to neat $1000 at the max. $750? I certainly hope Sony’s doing some price-matching gamesmanship on this one.

      • What specs though? I haven’t seen any, and it’s certinly going to be less powerful than what we do know about the Series X – this isn’t just a discless version when it’s that much smaller.

  • US$299 is about A$410 right now, and add on +10% GST, it will be like A$449. Remember that the US prices don’t include tax, you have to add it on top of the US$299 (depending on location in the US).

    I doubt what the article says about the pricing of A$399 or A$349. If it is, it would be cheaper than the US. This also doesn’t take into account the extra cost of Aussie power supply, which will be different to the US and adds extra cost to manufacturing for a much smaller customer base.

    • They’ve taken losses on consoles before though to recoup it on services. And Xbox Game Pass is basically what you’d be buying this console for, so there might be some math that works out in Xbox’s favour that way.

      Plus, let’s not forget Microsoft war chest of money — as in actual cash, sitting around in Scrooge McDuck sized-vaults — is equivalent to the GDP of many countries combined. They could very easily take a hit on the smaller console if they get a huge boost in subscriptions off the back of it, because that’s ultimately much more lucrative for them.

    • Currency rate has always been wrong in pricing. Console hardware has always been double the US price you get the Aussie retail launch price. I reckon it will be $599.

  • Rumour is that it’ll launch on November 10th.

    So now Microsoft has blinked, should we expect a Sony announcement soon?

  • I’d be tempted to pick one up down the line as a way of playing the exclusives that PS5 misses out on, even if it’s not the full powerhouse experience.

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