Here’s The Australian Xbox Series S And X Price, Release Date [Update]

Here’s The Australian Xbox Series S And X Price, Release Date [Update]
Image: Microsoft

Finally, the pricing has been confirmed.

This story has been updated with more pricing and information.

The Xbox Series S, as many expected, is coming in at $499 Australian. Its local release date will be the same internationally on November 10.

But the real surprise here is the slight drop on the Xbox Series X. As I predicted, Microsoft have opted to go for the slightly lower end of the scale. While the console is priced internationally at $US499, it’s going to be sold for $749 in Australia. The Xbox Series X will be available on November 10 as well.

Preorders are opening pretty soon too, on September 22.

That’s only about $60 more than the currency conversion from USD, so pretty fair from Microsoft’s part.

Xbox Series S And X: Australian Pricing, Release Date

An added bonus is that Xbox Game Pass will now include EA Play — meaning that games like FIFA, Battlefront 2 and the entire EA streamable library will be accessible through your Game Pass subscription.

It’ll also be available on PC, too, which is huge.

Xbox Series X, S: Specs

Here’s the official comparison between the two consoles. The S has a slightly underclocked graphics card, and the RAM has lower bandwidth speed as well. Both consoles use custom NVMe drives and will support expandable storage.

xbox series x
Image: Xbox

Another note in the official release from Microsoft was pricing on Xbox All Access, which is currently offered in Australia through Telstra.

Xbox All Access: Australian Pricing

xbox all access
Image: Xbox

The official Australian pricing for Xbox All Access is pretty reasonable. If you are happy paying off a console for 2 years, the Xbox Series S will cost $33 a month, or $792 over the term. 

If you want an Xbox Series X, it’ll cost $46 a month, totalling $1104 over 24 months. The Xbox One S is currently offered through Telstra, although there’s no options or more details on whether other carriers will offer the Xbox Series S/X plans.

xbox all access
Image: Xbox

A blog post from Phil Spencer also outlined more details about the Xbox Series S. Watch Dogs: Legion, Tetris Effect: Connected and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla are all listed as day one games, along with Gears Tactics (which isn’t out on consoles yet, but released on PC in April).

The Xbox will also get Dolby Vision support for gaming — ahead of Sony, from the way it reads — but only in 2021:

When Xbox Series X and Series S launches this November, it will herald a new generation of game experiences. Optimised games for Xbox Series X and Series S coming this year are built to take full advantage of our fastest consoles ever. On day one you will be the first to enjoy next-gen versions of the most anticipated games of the year such as Gears Tactics, Tetris Effect: Connected and Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Watch Dogs: Legion. Ubisoft is known for leveraging new technologies and the power of new hardware to deliver groundbreaking games, and we think you’ll be blown away by the experience you’ll have playing Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Watch Dogs: Legion on Xbox.

Xbox Series S is designed around the same technology that will make these games and so many others look and feel incredible. In speaking to game developers, we identified the areas that are most difficult to scale effectively, including the CPU and I/O, and made it easy to include Xbox Series S for developers who are targeting their experiences for Xbox Series X.

Powered by the Xbox Velocity Architecture, you can expect the same benefits from Xbox Series S such as faster load times and Quick Resume. Xbox Series S also supports all the same next gen features including HDMI 2.1, frame rates up to 120fps, DirectX Raytracing and Variable Rate Shading. It will also support Spatial Sound, including Dolby Atmos, and Dolby Vision via streaming media apps like Disney+, Vudu and Netflix at launch. Plus: Dolby Vision support for gaming will come first to our next-gen Xbox consoles in 2021.

And the new Xbox consoles are also the only next-generation, backward-compatible consoles that allow you to play thousands of games from four generations better than ever before, and empower you to play with friends wherever you want across your console, PC, and mobile device.


  • Finally the cat is out of the bag. Let’s hope Sony follows suit and we no longer have to waste time hoping something leaks.

    Also amazing value with ea play coming to Xbox game pass

  • That EA/Gamepass Ultimate news is pretty great. I dunno if I’ll be playing a heap of EA games, but it’s a solid bonus to the GPU library.

    Preorders opening around 6 weeks before launch (22/9) is a bit frightening. With the delays we’ve had getting stuff over here, I’d hope the boat full of Xboxes is already in the water, or these things may be pretty scarce on launch day.

  • Deducting the $16 monthly gamepass ultimate fee I pay now, (24 months = $384 ) those Telstra plans work out cheaper than buying the box upfront.

    So if paying monthly for GPU over the next 2 years was something you were already planning on doing anyway – it’s effectively $720 for a Series X / $408 Series S. When do preorders open there? They’d want to have a few on hand, that might be popular.

  • “That’s only about $60 more than the currency conversion from USD, so pretty fair from Microsoft’s part.”

    Thats actually not accurate. You havent factored in GST at 10% which actually brings the price to a practically exact conversion.

    Also, I’m pretty sure that those USD prices are still subject to their own taxes depending on state if im not mistaken.

    • 100% correct, and a non stop issue with Kotaku and Gizmodo doing the USD to AUD conversion and completely missing the sales tax portion. US sales tax is done at a state basis, and it varies greatly, so their RRP NEVER includes sales tax. Aus of course is a national sales tax, and the RRP MUST include the 10% sales tax.

      Thus, USD $499 at the currency rate this second = AUD $686.05. Add GST and you get $754.66, so you can see it’s actually cheaper than it really should be. I am amazed it is not $800 just to cover currency fluctuations.

  • I haven’t checked but i think Telstra used to force new customers to sign onto one of their “products” to qualify for All-Access. Do they still do that? If so, it’s not great value at all when you add the cost of a Telstra plan to the ongoing amount from Xbox.

    • It sounds like that is the case. The offer is available to customers with a mobile or broadband plan with Telstra. I’m with Optus so that’s me out.

  • Wow, happy to be wrong on this. With the Aussie dollar on a high, I thought they would come in at $799.

    Maybe they don’t have much faith in the USD 🙂

  • At $749 it’s around the price of a 3070 card, so do I upgrade the PC or grab a series X.

    With gamepass cheaper on the PC, I might go with the card and a PS5.

    • it’s not going to suit everyon and with a more powerful PC also means you’ve paid 2-3X the console price.. I’m a member of the PC master race as well (3700x, 32GB 3200Mhz, hoping to buy a 3080 on launch) but remember that most people don’t want / can’t afford to spend $2000+ for a gaming PC and/or just want something simple to connect to the TV and play games and watch streaming servies on in the loungeroom.

  • The X is a great price, the S is a bad joke, should be no more than $450 and if it was 399 it would fly off shelves

  • The S is brilliant if you consider what is on Game Pass, a lot of indie games that don’t need the graphical performance of a brand new console. If you are a gamer that loves platformers, adventure games, older games like final fantasy, party games and any indie game that isn’t graphically intensive (i.e., dont starve), coupled with the fact that every MS studio game will be able to be played on it and supported, then at $499 with game pass it is an amazing deal. The series X wont make any of these games that much better.

    If you are not interested in game pass, then its an easy miss, but for parents its a big win as there will be something new to play on game pass all the time without having to shell out $80+ for each new game.

    • yeah I’ve been happy with Gamepass for PC being $5 a month and checking a few titles each month.. but Gamepass for PC rises to $10 a month next week and while it’s still good value I tend to buy all day 0 releases I’m interested in so it hasn’t been of fantastic value to me. But it’ll surely be of big interest to other for day 0 games like Cyberpunk 2077 – which IS rumoured to be included in Game Pass.

      • There is zero chance of Cyberpunk being on Game Pass within the first 6-12 months. Rumour has been well shot down. Nice dream, but that’s all it will be.

    • It’s not an easy miss without game pass, we’re talking about thousands of games from Xbone, 360 and the OG Xbox all available to play on this ONE console. That is absolutely incredible. Not mention Xbox actually has good controllers that don’t feel like shit.

        • What would be nice (but it’s technically unfeasable) would be to sign into your Xbox account on a computer, open up the Xbox app, and then insert your One, 360 and OG disks into your computer’s disk drive. The app would recognise the disk in the drive, and credit your account with the digital version of the game. Next time you sign into your console, the game would be automatically download the game.

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